Monday, December 8, 2014

Kiwi Fruit and Strawberry Christmas Tree Platter

Hello Beach Dwellers

You know that I love a healthy snack for kids, rather than a sugar laden one.  Well this year I thought I'd create a Kiwi Fruit and Strawberry Christmas Tree Platter.

This Fairy Bread Christmas Tree from last year, has taken off this year on Facebook and is getting lots of love.  So it got me thinking about other easy types of #BringAPlate ideas.  Either of these platters are great for the endless kiddo functions that one is required to contribute an offering to, at this time of year.  What could be easier than cutting up some kiwi fruit and strawberries?  Not much I tell you.

And it's practically guilt free.

Believe me, neither platter will last long once they hit the party table.

Kiwi Fruit and Strawberry Christmas Tree Platter  

18 small Kiwi Fruit (2 boxes from Aldi)
1 punnet of strawberries
Peel and slice kiwi fruit into discs, reserving some skin for the tree trunk.
Arrange kiwi fruit in the shape of a Christmas Tree on a platter. Making sure to leave no gaps in your tree by layering the fruit where necessary.
Place kiwi skin as shown, to form the tree trunk.
Cut the 'pointy' end of strawberries to form mini decorations for the tree.
Use the leafy top of a strawberry to make the crowning star for the tree.

In other news, the most fun #BringAPlate function of the year is the end if year Band Breakfast.  As it was the Biggest Beach House Brat's last performance for his school, I insisted Mr Breach House attend.  Although he has dropped our son at band rehearsal at 7.45am, two mornings a week, for the last 4 years, he hasn't seen them play for years.

Mr Beach House got there just before they began to play their 3 pieces.  Half way through, I turned around and saw tears in his eyes.  I asked him if he was crying and he said "Yes they are just so good."  I am really glad he made the effort, as the event moved us both.

Those kinds of moments are the best kind of Christmas presents of all.

For more easy Christmas ideas, check this out.
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  1. Bonsoir,

    Une excellente manière festive de déguster les kiwis... j'adore ces deux sapins gourmands !

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. What a refreshing idea to have something so pretty but not sweet. Thanks!
    Apple Pie at

  3. I just love this! I've seen fruit trees, but I like the simplicity of yours. Plus my kids love kiwi! :)

  4. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous. I'm so glad your husband made it to the concert. It's so true that sorts of 'moments' are the best Christmas presents ever xx

  5. Naw, how gorgeous that he cried! I can't wait till my boys are old enough to do end of year concerts. I will be a blubbering emotional mess! x

  6. Wow Carolyn, you are creative, love it, would eat the lot, hahahahaha!


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