Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stunning Hamptons Style Beach House in Collaroy

OMG I think I've found my dream house.
This stunning beachside Hamptons Style Home is completely beautiful.  Have a look at her.  She's simply perfect.

For all her details go here.

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  1. To say would love to have that home would be putting it mildly, what a place. Just looking at that pool water makes me want to jump in to swim for hours. I'm a water person, love to be in it and close to it. Only time lived close to water was in MT on Canyon Ferry Lake, 35 miles long, 1-2 miles wide. Was so wonderful. We had 20+ acres, at end of our land was govt. land with trees then the lake. We had awesome view out our front windows, lake and mountains, so peaceful out there. Also has a boat. When we our new manufactured home we had front turned to face lake not the road.
    Home you featured today has incredible view, what a house. Suppose have to be very wealthy to live in home like that? Nice to dream at least of being able to live like that.
    Is so hot here staying in nice cool house, hung laundry out yesterday felt like I was melting. I don't deal with heat well unless can be in water.
    Have wonderful weekend, always enjoy your house tours.

    1. Thanks I always enjoy your comments. Stay cool and have a lovely weekend

  2. It's almost too perfect. Eleanor wants me to buy it.

    1. Hmmm I am sure the price tag will have a 4 in front of it if not a low 5.

  3. It's perfect! And such a good location too xx


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