Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach House Red

Well, how's it going? I'll tell you how it's going!  It's going great.  Do you want to know what I did yesterday?  I lobbed at my girlfriend's Beach House and I took...... one Beach House Brat and my camera.

In response, she provided a platter of sushi, lots of hot tea, a box of toys, a colouring in book and pencils, for said Beach House Brat and a great afternoon of jooshing, girly fun. 

Now this gal is a self trained interiors officianardo. She even displays her tea towels as art.  Her little boy gets in on the act too.  He chose the cast iron fish.  There you have it, style is obviously genetic.

Now this beachy chick was smart enough to marry a gorgeous builder, so no request goes unanswered by him, even when she changes her mind.  Together, they are renovating this beautifully located little beach cottage.  Today you just get a peek into what is to come. 

I have so many lovely shots, that I am going to run a series next week on her home. Make sure you check in for lots of beach house inspiration starting Saturday.

Now these are real people with real budgets, I mean look what she can do with a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a chili plant and some kiddo art. Believe me, you wont be disappointed with the results.  What's not to love?  Ridiculously affordable interiors, that look amazing.

Call in tomorrow for Beach House of the week.  And on Saturday for the first edition of Beach House Red, and Pink and Orange and Blue.  Delicious!!!!

Check ya tomorrow ladies,

Best Carolyn
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach Cottage Magic


Hi All

Today the sun was dumping rays where I live, so I ditched the gym routine, grabbed the camera and went for a walk around my suburb to shoot my favourite beach cottages. Make hay while the sun shines I say. The cross trainer with my name on it, will still be there tomorrow.

So with salt spay in my hair and a sea breeze at my shoulder, I was on my own, taking a little moment to just be. Ah Bliss!!!! 

Now, I do believe a combo of weatherboard and sandstone is a complete winner when it comes to beach house style.  I love the double posts mounted on sandstone on this abode.  To me, this is the Beach House look of the minute.

This gorgeous cottage, was once a red brick bungalow. Now it's a swoon worthy stunner. Who would have thought?

What I love about this one is the picket balustrade,the plantation shutters and the exposed trusses.  The symmetry is very easy on the eye.

This Beach House blue cottage is deceptive from the front.  It is huge inside and one of the most beautiful interiors I have seen in these parts.  The fretwork detailing on the carport and fencing is simple, but oh so effective. Check the swing out front.  The Beach House Brats would be well entertained by that for hours.
Love the plantation shutters and the sandstone here. The tropical garden is copybook beach house. You'd have a ready supply for every vase in the house.  

Now this is one of the originals.  It is still so contemporary. I'd love to get my hands on this baby.  I bet this cottage has seen lots of surfboards and sand through its threshold over the years. 

Here's a contemporary beach house to contrast the cottages.  They are actually two townhouses. Now call me old fashioned, many people have, and they've called me lots of other things as well, but....I do declare, I will always be a fan of the weatherboard and sandstone beach house.

Now there's a thought... a Beach House fan club.  Anyone else want to join? We could pound the pavement together, in search of the perfect beach cottage dream home. Now this is my idea of how to spend a morning, in fact a lot of mornings. The perfect forum for the true interior loves of my life, vintage nautical beach house bliss.

Water bottles, hats and sunscreen compulsory. The rest we'll make up as we go along.

I'll meet you on the corner one of these sunny mornings.

Lots O' Love Carolyn

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beach House Tea Party Tablescape

Hi Gals.  If there are any guys out there, I’d love to know!!!!

Well over the weekend we had a State Government election.  Don’t fret, dear reader, this is not going to be a post about politics.  Although I am very interested in the subject, today I am more concerned with the traditions of the Australian Polling Booth, and what goes on socially, in and around that cultural and democratic hive of activity.


A famous Australian General once said, “There is nothing wrong with this country, that an education and the ballot box can’t fix and I tend to agree.  I love democracy in action down here on the Northern Beaches.  But what about the etiquette of the Australian polling station?  Everyone is very friendly, no matter what the issues or how close the potential result seems.

But most importantly, you are always guaranteed to get a cake stall at the entrance. I mean it's hard to make any decision on an empty stomach. The cake stall is traditionally run by the mothers of Australia, those unsung heroes, raising money for the local hospitals, kindergarten or sports club.  You know, the ones that make this place tick.

It would not be the same if you came away without that all important plate of bickies or loaf of date or banana cake, for morning tea and a post poll casting chat, with husband, mother, girlfriend or any other interested party.

Now girls, I do believe I really really scored at this election…… cause look what I got.  These oh so sweet, little lolly tea cups.  Now as you aware, I didn’t make them, but I think I can pretty well work out how they were made, so the recipe is down below.  Do get back to me if they are a flop and I am sorry in advance, if that is the case.
Another funny thing happened to me at the polling station.  Whilst, I was waiting for Mr Beach House to make up his mind in there,  I think he expected me to coach him on who to vote  for, but I wasn’t going near it, for fear of a backlash.  I noticed an old politician of note, handing out how to vote cards. the mighty have fallen, I thought to myself.  I sidled up to him, with tongue firmly planted in check, to point out to him that it was a sad old day for Labor, when an old Premier ( that’s the equivalent of State Governor for my US readers) has to hand out how to vote cards.  He retorted back, that was, “enough of the old” and that he’d "rather be referred to as a former Premier".  I agreed, gave him my card, we had a laugh and a chat and he promised to have a look at my blog. 

He was a charming fellow, his party lost and he is probably licking his wounds today.  As I walked off I thought to myself.  In what country in the world, could you walk straight up to a person who once held such high political office, jokingly insult him, have a laugh and a chat and still be alive at the end of it.  Only in Australia and that’s why I love this place so much. At the ballot box, not only can you have your say unimpeded, you can buy fabulous little bon bon like these and have a joke with every man and his dog, whom ever they are or were.

Now the election is over for another 4 years. Phew.....the schools and  hospitals will still be run the same as ever, and life will go on as normal.  So lets talk about what really matters, what we are all here for..... all things home and hearth.This tablescape, complete with this vintage china and damask table cloth was inspired by my granny.  You know the one we threw a 100th birthday party for last weekend. Click Here to read about that.

I use them all the time. These pieces are very dear to me, as they were hers and are a connection to her life.

Now before I set the table, I popped these little morsels on my mantel piece for safe keeping. It seems to be my favourite place to photograph small stuff  in cameo, at the moment.  The bon bon started out here, so the Beach House Brats couldn't get to them, before I shot them.  Suffice to say,once the camera was put away, my little darlings were falling all over themselves to get to them.  I must be mad, a rainy weekend and two kids dosed up to pussies bow, with sugar.  Then there's Mr Beach House pretending he is a bachelor, out on the high seas.  The high seas on a wet and windy weekend or these little babies washed down with my favourite cup of tea. I know where I'd rather be.  We had heaps of fun on our Sunday at home, throwing back theses little babes. The last one made it into a school lunch this morning.

I hope you enjoy the shots below. 

Tea Cup Lolly Recipe
I packet of any round bitter type biscuit (tick tocks) are used here
1 quantity of icing (frosting) divided into 3.  Use your choice of food colouring on each of the quantities of icing.
1 packet of white and pink marshmallows
2 packets of musk lifesavers. Cut each life saver in half with a shape knife
1 packet of chocolate freckles
Ice biscuits with varying colours
Place 1 marshmellow on iced biscuit, use a little icing to attached the chocolate freckle to the top of the marshmallow.  Attach the half lifesaver to the marshmallow, to form the handle,  using the icing as well.  Allow to set. Serve with your favourite cup of tea or coffee .  And enjoy.

Enjoy your tea my lovelies
Until tomorrow
Lots O' Love Carolyn
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