Friday, November 18, 2011

Nautical Sportical Boys Bedroom Style

How's tricks?  Well they're improving here at the Beach House.  I've started Christmas shopping this week, with a spring in my step.  It's best to at least start like that, don't you think? This year, Christmas shopping will be confined to shopping at markets, warehouse sales and thrifting stores.....but I bet you anything, neither the Beach House Brats, nor any of the relos, will have any idea. You see, I have an eye for a bargain and making something out of nothing, which will sure come in handy this holiday season.  Mr Beach House is OK with a new T- shirt and some new Bonds undies under the tree..  I squared that away with him last night as he was putting away his new socks.. He even offered to re wrap the socks so I could him give those how sweet!!!!

So with my new thrifting hat on, I attended a warehouse sale this very morning.  I was so early, for me anyway, I had to go and have a coffee before they opened the shutters.  It's still on tomorrow for any of you nautical loving Sydneysiders who can't refuse a bargain.

Well I have been bleating on around here, both in real time and virtually, that the Beach House Brats are getting  bedroom makeovers and I can report they are finally underway.  Here's the before shot of the shelves in my son's bedroom.. The usual junk that has been accumulated over the years.  Well today it's out with the old and in with the nautical sportical new.

I can't believe it gets to this state, but as we report the truth here at the Beach House, I'm letting you have it fair and square.  I do clean it up every so often, but the Beach House Brats pull it all apart almost daily and then it just gets chucked back in hast when a quick clean up is required.

So this is the kind of thing I advise my clients to do when we are talking about styling their homes for sale. The two principals I work on are space and increased light. It is so important not to make the room  look smaller than it actually is.  A declutter can achieve wonders and really add to the wow factor of a home.

I'm sticking with the navy, red and white theme, as that's what I have most of, which makes the whole exercise more cost effective as well.
As a sailing family, we have access to so many nautical icons, it's possibly a little over done here at the Beach House, so for some light relief I threw in a few sporting ones as well.  It's amazing what you can find in the sports kits piled high in the garage, in our case often waiting to be chucked with the next clear out. 

These little floats were a warehouse find today and became even chippier when I pealed what was an over zealously taped price tag off.  Half the paint came with it but no matter.  Goes with the dings in the shelves I guess!!!!!

Books, books , feels like it here at the Beach House anyway.  I love styling with colour coded books and here I've picked a few with a water theme.  The rest I'm afraid, have been hidden in the wardrobe.  That's the one of the down sides, and there aren't many I might say, of having kiddos 6 years seems you never get to throw much out. 

We also collect vintage tin toys as they are completely cool.

Loving these skittles I picked up today at the warehouse too.  The set came with out a ball....guess that's why I got them for next to nothing.  The chippy tennis racquet has seen better days and to me that's the way it should be. 

Well gals, I better box all the new bits up before the school run, as they are going in the Christmas stocking.  So gotta fly.  This weekend I'm getting Christmassy with craft.  It's been a long time, but it's amazing where this blogging journey takes you.  I for one love it.   Until then lovely people.

Today I am partying here


  1. Love nautical decor!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sand and Sea

  2. It's looks great Carolyn! I'm getting ready to re do my hall linen closet. It won't be nautical but I'm going to refresh the white paint etc. Cottage style. I love the pretty accessories you chose, very nice job.

  3. Amazing nautical theme! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. oooooh Loving all these gorgeous ideas for my boys. :) xx

  5. Love the bookcase! We just ordered bookcase headboards for the boys, so now my mind is spinning trying to think of how I can incorporate some of these into the headboard shelves when they arrive.

  6. Very cute nautical theme. Bet your kiddos are excited about their bedroom makeovers :)


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