Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Day in London

Last day in London. Finally got to eat at Dishroom. I had the big Bombay breakfast. Kind of like an

English breakfast, bastardized with curry powder and coriander and weird hot bread. Good but not great. One day I will brave the hour long queue and get there for dinner.

Thereafter we did a lap of the British Museum. But there are only so many naked Greeks and Romans a woman and little girl can take. No wonder Victorian England loved this place. Other forms of entertainment in those times included viewing the nutters in the Bethlehem Hospital for a penny for the afternoon. Free on Tuesday's. The hospital's name was shortened to Bedlam and there we have the origins of the word. There is always something to learn isn't there?

Next we took Edwina's advice and went over to take in the magnificent views at the Shard. It's not cheap $110 on the day (5 pound off if bought before the day online) for us both to  go to the top, but defo worth it.

Make sure you get the commentary device though. We were not offered it but noticed others with it up the top. We enquired and a lovely staff member went down 68 floors to get us one each. After that the whole vista came alive.  It is brilliant and explains a lot about how London was settled and developed.

The Shard is right near the Borough Markets, famous for food. Very crowded on the weekend, so didn't last long past a coffee and palmier.

Then a whistle stop at Harrods. The food hall is just out of this world. Hot tip, we ordered 2 truffles and the lady said they were free because everyone gets a try gratis. Nice one.

I also love looking at all the designer clothes, they are each a piece of high art in themselves.

Finally was able to stay up late enough to go to the theatre. We saw Matilda which is in its 6th year in the West End. I had a smile on my face the whole time. It was lovely. Layne loved it too. I know we are a little late to the party on this, but it was great to finally see it.

Off to Bath today where I have rented an apartment. Looking forward to cooking a meal.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Visiting the British Parliament Was Fabulous

Today we took a guided tour of the British Parliament. You can do this when members are not sitting, or on Saturday's at other times. Because I am really interested in politics, I booked this one from home to make sure we got in. The tour was brilliant and completely fascinated me.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Back to Galleries and Museums in London IWM and The British National Gallery

So today it was back to museums and galleries where I am much more at home. I took Layne to the Imperial War Museum and surprisingly she loved it. It's interesting to see how  other countries portray their role in the conflicts of the 20th century. Britain is not on her own in letting patrons think they won both wars single handedly. Australia does the same at home.The French are much more gracious, as I remember it.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shopping in London

So today was shopping in London. I loved the series Mr Selfridge, so started there. The trouble with me and shopping, is that I am more interested in the architecture of the buildings than the merchandise. The clothes here in London are magnificent and my gold star goes to
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Portobello Rd Notting Hill Kensington Palace and Dog Poo

Magnificent day in London. 26C. We have almost broken the back of jet lag. Although I am typing this at 5am. My plans were not assisted by a real estate agent ringing me on our first night from Sydney, about a property I had viewed last weekend. That will teach me not to turn my volume down. Anyway yesterday we took a stroll down Portobello Rd Notting Hill, which is all its cracked up to be and much more.
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