Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sun Flowers and Contemplating the Future

Hi Beach Dwellers

I know I said I'd write about the cruise today and I will soon, but I got to thinking that I haven't really done anything style related here for ages.  After this, some may say I still haven't. 

  I don't know why, but I just haven't felt like foofing.  And that got me to thinking, is the direction of my blog changing?  It's not as if I haven't been creating.  I've been cooking up a storm and losing the odd bloggers' cook off and enjoying myself in the process, but I haven't felt like doing anything around the house inside or out.  Don't worry this is not going to a be a "Why do I blog?" post, because in reality no one gives a rats why anyone else blogs do they?  I don't anyway!!!!!

I think it's a beginning of the year thing with me, as I always like to have a project and currently I don't have one.  Consequently, this week I have been contemplating my navel about what I am going to do with the next 40 years or so.  This came about because the littlest Beach House Brat has upped her kindy days from 2 to 3 a week and for the first time in about 10 years, I actually felt bored yesterday, yes bored.  I put this out there on my personal facebook page with this picture and this is what came back.  All great suggestions.  Only the names have been changed.

So we are now on day 3 of the school/work routine and I have to tell you I'd rather be cruising. I'm dreaming of a new adventure......... wonder what it will be. I'm seriously thinking of going back to teaching, but transferring from high school to primary, just for a change. Law is way too hard to pick back up now I think. The littlest beach house brat goes to school next year and I have dragged out this stay at home mother thing for 10 years. Not necessarily by choice, but you play the hand you are dealt I guess. Somehow I feel like it's time to get back out there. Not just arsing around doing Mr Beach House's books and website and pretending I work part time. Thoughts???? Anyone

Here's what I got

  •  Do law. It's a snap
  •  It is very much a personal choice. But I have to say that by going back into teaching you'll afford far more cruising holiday and many more dreams will become real...
  • Carolyn I've done law and didn't like it that much. Court was great but my god the work involved in getting there. Whoa!!! Do you like it or hate it? AB my thoughts exactly. I didn't like to say I was doing it for the $$$$ but if I am honest that would be a big part of it. L has an extra day of kindy this year and I am feeling bored today, which is funny 'cause that rarely happens to me. I appreciate you guys responding. Thank you!!!
  • Sounds like you have lots of options.
  • Carolyn Hmmm There are a few barriers to entry however. Being out of the class room for 7 years means I have to jump through loads of hoops just to get some casual days. The state government changed the law and I have to be monitored big time. I have to write essays/reports and pay an annual fee to be on a list of New Scheme Teachers, even though I had 10 years in the classroom previously. It is very insulting actually. There are no points for taking out time to bear the future tax payers of the nation or for bringing them up to be good citizens. Or for all my industry experience in business and law.  I even had to prove my age and qualifications again, even though they had seen it all before when the state employed me previously. Last time I looked at the list of what I had to do, I gave up, but really instead of procrastinating, I may as well use my energy to re qualify and get back out there. That will be my home work tonight. The irony is that had I had just one day of teaching in the 7 years I was absent from the profession, I would not need to wade through all this ridiculous red tape. That's Australia for you, way too regulated by stupid laws.
  • write a book.. i'm'd be an instant success!
  • Carolyn you are sweet but on what subject?
  • About parenting?
  • Start with : I used to be a good mother before I had kids:)))
  • Carolyn You of all people know that parenting is not one of my finest qualities. You used to tell me such often enough. Have your standards dropped slightly since you had number two? You were a brilliant mother of one, perhaps you should write that book on parenting. I think I will write one on living for a year in the South of France. Now just to work out how to organise a year in the south of France. Any ideas?.........which brings me back to requalifying to teach.
  • A Northern Beaches Life Style Book ,food, making a home and all your other loves.xx
  • Carolyn now you're talking.
  • I was being sarcastic:)) Carolyn, if you want to go to France, I am happy to take L for a year to have a play mate for S.She is such a lovely little girl. You organize H and off you go...
  • Carolyn  I know you were but it's all true. L is a keeper that's for sure.......but a year? God you are a super mum. I saw you out this morning. Looked like you were walking in the direction of play group . Yes???
  • Yes, I joined again. I have to do everything I did with S again with C...L is in Kindy on Wednesdays isn't she?
  • Carolyn Yes. Hence my navel gazing about what the hell I am going to do for the next 40 years or so.
  • Getting old graciously
  • why don't you become real estate agent? You have a great selling ability and you love looking at nice properties so why not combining these two and make a living out of it?
  • Carolyn Another great idea but Mr Beach House works/sails Saturday, which is the biggest day of the week. Plus the industry is in the doldrums. I do consult on property styling to vendors though, but I'm not getting enough work at the moment to keep the wolves from the door. Good night I'm for bed.
  •  Good night

So there it is lovlies.  I am all at sea over what I am about right now.  I think a few days a week of well paid work would free me up to follow a few more of my dreams, rather than just living on the smell of an oily rag from month to month. I feel more freed up to do this now. 

I should also tell you that the littlest Beach House Brat planted these sunflowers in our veggie patch after bringing some seedlings home in a yoghurt jar last Spring, which she planted at kindy.  They are brightening up the unloved interiors of the Beach House muchly.

With all of the above, I would like to know what you want to see more of on this blog.  Styling, craft, recipes, working with brands, giveaways, vintage.  I'd love to know!!!!!!

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  1. There is the fantasy job and then there is the one that will bring in actual money! How about spending some time getting reacquainted with teaching, you can do some casual on kindy days and see what you want to do next year when your little one goes to school! Sounds like your cruise was fun!

  2. what i like about your blog is that it is real you dont crap on about things just tell it like it is.i think a good job for you would be styling houses or units that are about to be sold.Some of the houses we have seen that are for sale are unbelivable.they need someone who has style who can advise them how to make their house look better to sell-whoa big comment not my usual style-love dee x

  3. You could be the next Shaynna Blaze (Selling Houses Australia) and take on styling these houses before they go for sale. I'm sure there's a market for it.

    Carolyn, I'm in the same boat as you, but for different reasons. Because I'm on Centrelink benefits, I now have to get a job or study for 15 hours per week because my youngest turned 6. What does a 49 year old woman want to study? I went to TAFE the other day to enquire about courses and study options with the Student counseller and its like a whole new world to me. I'd rather be a SAHM and look after the children (for a little longer) but it so hard knowing what you'd like to do. I've got so many ideas running around in my head but nothing definite. I'll be watching your decision closely. (Whatever you do you'll do brilliantly!)

    Anne xx

  4. Hey Carolyn :) Totally get where you're coming from, I've been a very content stay at home mum for the past 11 years, but over the New Year's period I started thinking about what the actually hell I'm going to do with my life once the kids grow up...I have a plan now though ;) Anyway, I think you're on the right track with getting a bit of teaching work for the extra income to put towards following some of your bigger dreams.
    Have a good day hon, and hope you don't get bored again :)
    Cas x

  5. p.s. I like seeing your pretty styling and I'm a major sucker for crafty pursuits and anything vintage ;) I also like hearing about what you're up to in day to day life :)
    C x

  6. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! I never did go to college out of school, but now I'm studying for my BBS and MBA in management - it's hard work at my age, and the payoff will be non-existent (I won't make more money with an MBA than I currently make), but I always feel like I have to be improving myself!

  7. Sounds like you're in the doldrums Carolyn, it happens after the New Year. We're so busy catering to Christmas, New Years, then Valentines, then whatever other mini holiday comes along.
    We think we have to be achieving something all the time, no matter what it is. This time of year with your little one being in school more and not needing Mom as much leaves you feeling kinda unnecessary and at sea. The answer will come to you when you least expect it.
    Go ahead and work on getting ready to teach again. There are alot of demands on teachers here also if they've been out of the system for a few years. It sounds like a lot to do to you but once you get started you'll feel much better, like you're actually accomplishing something worth while. You accomplish worth while tasks every day being a Mom and wife but we don't give ourselves credit for how hard we work while we're doing it.
    Sure wish we were neighbors, I'd be over stealing some of those gorgeous sun flowers if you didn't offer any. Can hardly grow anything in our yards, even grass, due to so much alcholi in our soil. Plus I'm no gardener. Too impatient to spend the time. I do love picking weeds, I could stand out for hours picking weeds as then I can see what I've accomplished. Maybe cause that's about all we have plenty of, weeds. lol
    You'll go thru many stages in your life and they'll frustrate you, make you feel free, let you mature emotionally. I'm seeing it in our youngest daughter now, she'll be 43 in April. I try to remember how I felt at that age with 4 pretty much grown up kids.
    From what I've read on your blog you are one heck of a cook. You seem to totally enjoy it and tackle harder dishes.
    Maybe sit down, list what you enjoy, what you do that you don't enjoy as much, what you have to do to be a Mother and wife. Keep jotting things down as you think of them. You'll be amazed at what you see when you're "done" with your list. Make separate columns for each category so you can look back at the order of your life.
    I'm writing this from the perspective of a 72 yr. old woman who has been a Mother of 4 children, married twice, 2nd. time for over 44 yrs. now. I do what I suggested you to do now and then to help myself see what direction I'm going in. Happy Valentines day

  8. Careers counsellor? You'll tell kids the right advice ( a pilot? How about a McDonald's management training scheme instead !?)

  9. I think some part-time work is a good thing as it gets you out of the house, gives you some independence and some extra cash. And those are not bad things! However, having made the foray into being a working mum, I'm now back home because I was fired on Wednesday. Big story there. I think the part I liked the best was when she said, 'Like any girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, 'it's not you, it's me'.' Yep, that was special xx

  10. Careers is a great idea... and we need one for our son ASAP. Actually going to see his one on Monday at school. Teaching is just SO practical for mothers. I've just done reading groups at school and know for sure I could NEVER do that. But you've done it before and could do some part time and keep your sense of humour I bet.

    A pal of mine was reading about editing courses recently and that looks really interesting for a literate type like yourself.

  11. Those sun flowers are stunning! My partner and I were discussing finding or making a little side table like that one too! Perfect!

  12. Do whatever makes you happy the most,
    I used to teach in college before my son was born
    and then quit to take care of him,
    now that he's 12 and fairly independent
    I opened 2 boutiques because I love fashion.

    Enjoy the luxury boredom
    while you still can
    and plan your goals.
    Head towards where your heart leads you.

  13. I am all for doing whatever makes you happy too. I enjoy your blog because it shares a variety of things! Good luck with your big decisions, totally understand where you are at too. Hope you are having a great weekend! Rach xx

  14. You girls are all tops. Thanks.


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