Monday, May 6, 2013

Pottery Barn Kids in Australia Along with West Elm and Williams Sonoma

Well you all seemed to love Pottery Barn just as much as I did, so here's the wrap on the other 3 Williams Sonoma brands.

It's just a hint of what is on offer at Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm and Williams Sonoma.  I didn't take near enough shots at the party, because I was having too much fun and I also didn't want to see it all  just through  the lens of my camera.  The one thing that struck me and what I think makes for decorating success is the serious layering up of textures.  Come on in and see what I mean. I love the detailing on these girls quilts.  Pink and Lilac everywhere.

Grey and white is something I would not use in a baby nursery, only because I was the kind of girl who found out the sex of my babies.  But if you are going neutral in the nursery, this is the hippest new option I believe.  And cable knit throws are everywhere.  We got one as a wedding gift over a decade ago, so they have been around for a long time, but now they seem to be hanging over every sofa or lounge chair.  They are great for Winter and look gorgeous folded or draped.

Of course no one lives like this.  Three doonas and pillows on a bed, but I love the layering of different colours and fabric patterns.  Achieving this look by layering up sheets, doona covers, throws and quilts is something I shall be working on in all the bedrooms at the Beach House.  Although sometimes just getting all the beds made in the morning is a big challenge for me, let alone having them look this pretty.

Apparently the  monogramming machine has been working over time this week and at $9 per item, is a lovely way to individualise a gift.  

I have been inspired to put a photo gallery together in my hallway using vintage family photos.  I am going to use a mix of black and silver frames.  I kind of like the hint of shelving in this gallery as well.  And the pattern in the rug under the cot is huge right now.

Ruffles are still getting a work out.  I think these curtain drops are very pretty.

The grey and white again.

I love a mosquito net over a bed in Summer. 

The quality and cute factor of the kids toys was definitely worth a look.  I have to say I didn't look at any prices, whilst I was there, because I wasn't buying.  Looking at the catalogues, the prices across the whole range of stores were on par with other Australian homeware prices in similar ALOT more expensive for the same thing than in America.  I hope the only reason is that the product has to be shipped here.  Actually wages, rent and just about everything else in Australia is more expensive than the States.  One of the executives, whom I was talking to at the launch party, was lamenting the cost of everything in Australia as well.  It is the elephant in the room.  There are lots of government enquiries going on right now over pricing in Australia generally, as compared to international locations and it will be interesting as to what they find and if anything can be done about it.

Loved this range of kids table ware and the colour styled storage boxes looked cute.  

Now take a look at West Elm.  I can see why they chose this brand for Australia, as the furniture has the clean square lines that many Australian minimalist style homemakers seem to love.

It kind of said New York loft to me, which is where the West Elm story began, but their stuff would not be out of place in one of those mod boxy abodes that Australians seem to go for either.

They had a lovely range of geometric bed linen and some stunning cushions and bath linen.  Infact 'geometric' was big on everything in this store.

I loved the way as a Winter touch, they styled with fire wood.

More layering of textures and prints

As with all the brands, a home stylist will consult free of charge in your home, up to an hours
radius from central Sydney.

West Elm works alot with Etsy to discover new designers.  That is one brief of the store, to offer bespoke pieces that are cutting edge and different.  Their mantra is to support independent creative business.

Williams Sonoma is the cookware arm of the brands.  Just some back ground.  The store was begun by a Mr Williams of Sonoma, he initially had a hardware store, but after a trip to Europe, began importing French kitchenware to supplement the stock, which apparently took off.  Williams Sonoma has since bought the other 3 brands in the group.  

The Williams Sonoma store was where the launch party was held.  As I walked through the door I was offered a drink and could no longer hold both my camera and a glass of red. I managed to snap this shot at the front door and that was about it.

I did go into the stunning kitchen at the back of the store, where they offer a fabulous range of cooking classes from 2 to 5 hours in duration.  They will design cooking classes for a corporate event or your party as well, which sounds great.

The lovely Julian was cooking for us that night and if you would like to see what we ate and have a look at my take on Pottery Barn, my favourite of the 4 brands, you can see that here.

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  1. *sigh* I can see myself spending a lot of money here lol

  2. i loved that kitchen and the west elm throws. sounds like you had a great night.

  3. I love the fit out of those shops. The monogramming station was super busy, and about a day behind with lots of orders coming in all day. I think some of it is very well priced, but a lot of it was much more expensive than the US website. Makes me wonder why, as our dollar is pretty good at the moment.

  4. I loved the ruffle curtains(especially)and the tour of the shops. Wonderful post.

  5. Must admit I am loving my cable knit throw at the moment in the cold Tassie weather. Particularly like that shade of grey too :)

  6. What!!?? You let go the camera for the wine??!! I think the cookware shop is the one I'd like to best and the idea of a cookery class is always appealing. Not so into the homewares, I shuddered when I saw the cots, that's bad isn't it? How fab to hear they work with Etsy. Cool.

  7. Sounds like so much fun. Love everything they have, and the store are always amazing. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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