Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eumundi Markets and Noosa Farmers' Market

The Eumundi Markets in the hiterland of Noosa, are an absolute institution and have grown large and rather commercial over the years.  Despite that, they are definitely still worth making the 20km trek inland from Noosa for a visit.  As with all things Sunshine Coast, there are still many points of difference to these artisan markets and you will always find something new to excite.  The other markets which are newer and somewhat less sophisticated than those at Eumundi, but still with loads of charm, are the Noosa Farmers' Markets held every Sunday morning in Noosaville.

The Eumundi Markets

At Eumundi, I always seek out the vintage chenille children's clothing and this year I just had to have one of those hats.  I made that pink one on top mine. She is so large and lampshade-esque, that she is now literally sitting atop the standard vintage lamp in my dining room, inherited from my grandmother and until now, sans lampshade. The hat has had several outings and has begun a few conversations on the beach this week.

I was particularly interested in this beautiful pineapple artwork.   As you know, I am addicted to the iconic symbol in my decorating.

Happily, I found the basket man again.  I phoned him after my last trip to Eumundi, in an attempt to source some baskets for friends, who had admired the one I have had on my kitchen bench top. Unfortunately he had contracted Ross River fever, whilst down in the swamps cutting vines, for his beautiful baskets and had no available stock.  He is now completely recovered and it was lovely to see him back again at the market, fitting fit and creating his beautiful bespoke baskets.

I also loved Plump Cushions, of which two of these shots (left and top) can be attributed.  I purchased several geometric blue and white stunners, which you will notice around the Beach House very soon.

There is also an indigenous element to the markets, with lots of beautiful Aboriginal artifacts on sale.  The painter above spoke French and entertained many souls, as he quickly whipped up cute little finger paintings in minutes.  He was doing a roaring trade. 

I am also now the proud over of the orange and white creation above.  It goes beautifully with some orange and pink beads I bought in Noosa and I am wearing it as I write.  It's a bit like a tent, but beautifully cool, in this hot Sydney weather we are currently experiencing.

Eumundi Markets
Wednesday 8am-1.30pm
Saturday 7am-2pm

Whilst there is a nice balance of food available at the Eumundi markets, it was not until I got to the Noosa Famers' Market that I really became interested in eating.

Noosa Farmers' Market

Noosa Farmers' Market is strictly food, fresh produce, flowers and associated kitchen products.  The producers are local and it's packed with some fabulously interesting culinary offerings.

It opens early and my hot tip would be, defintiely DON'T eat before you go.

The flowers are tropical in nature and truly spectacular.

That saucisson became part of a beautiful French tapas we had later at home and it was hot, spicy and totally delicious.  It was too much for the kiddos, but that meant more for Mr Beach House and I.  I haven't had a better saucisson since being on French soil, many moons ago.

There are loads of organic producers offering all range of conventional and exotic fruit and vegetables.  

The dumplings looked authentic and amazing

There was Korean Kimchi.  The same guy also made the best raw cacao balls.

This French bakery stall had all the usual suspects and it was so very beautifully styled and presented.

My mum's best friend, buys her roses here every 2 weeks,  She says they are the freshest on the coast and last close to 2 weeks.

These Austro Hungarian delicacies were actually cake and were filled with ice cream to serve.

Beautiful fresh and modern Mexican

There are those cacao yummy balls above.  The lemon and coconut ones were lovely as well.

I bought some raw cakes from Blended Earth to take back to the apartment, to have poolside with the The Beach House mob, for morning tea.  Blended Earth specialises in raw hand crafted food and they were so passionate about what they were doing, it was infectious.  Their mint slice with no dairy, eggs or sugar, was completely delicious.

There were these lovely local made scented bread boards and kitchen utensils and beautiful handmade soaps on offer.

I loved these little hand made pieces of art, which were about the only thing not kitchen or food related, at the markets. 

After taking a good look around you can take your purchases to the undercover seating area and with the jazz band playing in the back ground, eat them up under the Australian sun.

It is a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday, if you are up in Noosa and looking for some good honest quality food on your travels.

Noosa Australian Rules Football Club
Weyba Road

I know many of you are enjoying my posts on Noosa and her hinterland.  Thanks for all your lovely feed back and coming along with me, on such a lovely journey.  If you missed one, you can check them out as follows.

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  1. Oh, it looks gorgeous Carolyn. I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the Eumundi markets because of the commercial factor. I can remember when it was a little country market full of hippies selling the most gorgeous things and we'd travel all the way from Brisbane just to get our fill. I might be going to the area in June and you've renewed my interest to give it another go. Beautiful photos, as always.

    Anne xx

  2. Hy Carolyn!!!Very nice place!! I love!! kiss

  3. What a great tour! I love the Eumundi Markets and a friend of mine always goes to the Noosa markets for all her produce and flowers. She swears by the freshness of everything xx

  4. We also love the Eumundi Markets although were a little disappointed when we drove up there on New Years Day as there weren't many stalls open. We probably go up (from the Gold Coast) about 3 times a year - and have our favourite stalls we buy from each time.
    Have a great day and stay cool !

  5. Oh those hats in the first pictures are gorgeous! You should have bought one to much that fabulous tunic!
    Kalamata olives so far away from Kalamata, Greece!How wonderful is that!
    And as for that Austro-Hungarian desert they also make it in Romania and I tried it there and it was really delicious!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Hi Carolyn!!!

    I love the set of dishes in the upper right corner in the first picture!!!
    I love markets like this!!! These ones are beautiful and colorful!!!
    Your new orange and white top looks very cool!!! It looks like you had a great day!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  7. Gorgeous! Cake stuffed with ice cream just stopped me in my tracks - that's my idea of heaven x

  8. two of my most fave places in the world... literally and that pineapple artwork. I die! xx


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