Monday, October 20, 2014

A Beautiful Day in St Tropez

Wow what a stunner St Tropez is.  Mr Beach House was loathe to go, but I said we can’t come all this way and pass over probably the most famous beach resort in Europe if not the world, so we went to lunch in a restaurant with sand on the floor..........I mean they actually meant to have sand on the floor.

Apparently with one road in and out, it can take two hours to get in in August, but October was fine. Still crowded due to a Porche pow wow in town.

 The cars did a concours d’elegance, (drive by) past our table, whilst we were having lunch.  Just fine if you don’t mind a little carbon monoxide with your potatoes. The Biggest Beach House Brat loved it and decided he wants an orange one.  Good luck with that kiddo.

The whole town is posers on parade and I loved every minute of it. The shops were amazing and it being the end of the season, I bought 2 Turkish towels for 10 Euro for the lot.  So you see, despite it being 'St Tropez, double pay' there is something for every one.

There is also an air show at St Maxime this week, which is across the bay so from St Tropez, so we watched in awe as the acrobats and military planes did all their stuff, flying in formation.

 We had a stunning lunch on the quai across from all the big stink boats in a restaurant called LÉscale.
The wait staff were beautifully dresses and very chic and the tables were elegantly laid.

Everything in St Tropez is pricey, but I thought the 3 course menu at 39 Euros was fantastic value.  That was 3 courses of some of the loveliest food you will ever taste.  My cafe gourmand dessert even had coffee included.  But it was also about the location and the people watching too.  Everyone comes to see and be seen in St Tropez and it's fabulous. So many things about the French are.

Oh and despite being married to a boat builder, I still think the best boats are other peoples.

And check out the sand on the floor, personally that was not my favourite part of it.

After lunch we then took a walk up to the town square to watch all the Sunday Petanque games.  All in all it was a wonderful day.

Oh and check out the new trend in bathroom vanities.

Rather cute I thought.

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  1. Wow, looks like you had a very enjoyable and interesting visit! Thanks for giving us a virtual trip!

  2. For sure a beautiful day. Thanks for taking us with you.
    Lots of blessings from South Africa


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