Monday, July 13, 2015

South Head Historic Walk via Watsons Bay on Sydney Harbour

How we tackled the Antarctic vortex in Sydney on Sunday last....Well we took a brisk walk around the historic military defences on South Head via Watsons Bay.  The biggest Beach House Brat said he ticked something off the bucket list too.....
"Walking under a waterfall". Not quite the day for it, but I guess you need to take your opportunities as they arise.  Sydney Harbour never ceases to inspire and amaze me.  It was even beautiful, standing in the Antarctic breeze.  Topped off with lunch at the Watsons Bay Beach Club, it was a memory maker of a day and I can highly recommend it as a great day out in Sydney with kids and tourists.

Watsons Bay Beach Club

Bowl you over type winds.

Sydney Harbour and CBD


Checking out the gun holes

Gun holes all in a row.

A gun placed to capture any enemy on approach to the beach, or the city.

It's an easy walk

No nudies in this weather

Too cold to get your gear off today

Bucket list waterfall.

Bucket lister

Lady Bay rock caves.

Sydney CBD in the background

Towards Manly from South Head

A gun emplacement

Ammo stores and defensive tunnels

Sydney even has her own concrete pill boxes.

And now back in peace time.
Where it all began for me.  My dad proposed to my mum just behind that window at Doyles.  Oh what a night that must have been.  I'm glad mum said "yes".

Not many takers for an outdoor lunch.

Inside was manic.

So loathing crowds, we braved the weather.

The Beer Garden at Watsons Bay Beach Club.  Not too bad if you are OK with a wind chill factor of less than 10C.  I call it training for our next trip to Europe.......

The ferry from Circular Quay

Whether you come by ferry, bus or car, a day out in Watsons Bay is a fabulous way to pass the time on a chilly, sunny Sydney day.

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  1. Watsons Bay and Manly are beautiful spots even on a winters day it looks magic!

    1. Yes Michelle both top spots any time of the year.

  2. Lovely photos of my neighborhood and I forget just how lovely it is. Must go for a walk down the hill this weekend!

    1. What a privilege to live there. Enjoy your walk.

  3. Did you get to The Gap? Your children may be interested in The Dunbar wreck.

    BTW want to house-sit for us this August? We'll be riding Alpe d'Huez - two days after the Tour de France go through. We're also going back to Omaha Beach - staying here again (4th time) -!1s0x480baa1610a3bf1f:0xb0201775dffc6b02!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4s!5spierre+%26+vacances+omaha+beach+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ved=0CJYBEKIqMAtqFQoTCKStkty83MYCFcHrFAodxvQKVw

  4. No didn't make it to the Gap. The South Head walk was enough to work up an appetite. Would love to house sit in Paris but sadly we can't with school/work commitments....poop.
    Yeah to Omaha Beach. H will be so jealous when I tell him.

  5. I love Watsons Bay, such a magical part of Sydney :)

  6. You basically walked around my running route! Love my neighbourhood. So blessed to live here. And how awesome that your dad proposed at Doyles! Beautiful and romantic!


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