Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newport Beach Cottage

This light and airy beach cottage in Newport is beautifully presented.  With exposed roof trusses, lovely alfresco areas and a modern white stone kitchen.
This one is definitely worth a look, by holiday makers and home seeks alike.  For more of her details and a floor plan go here.

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  1. The feature ceiling above the netted bed is amazing! What a beautiful home Id love to have a weekend away here :)

  2. The house does have some lovely features. Soon we will be putting in a new kitchen. I know the trend is to have the sink on the island bench but I won't be doing that - I just would prefer the island bench to be a clutter-free work space and I know that if that's where the sink is, that's where the mess will be also xx

  3. Oh! Looks so cosy and beautiful! I want that deck and backyard! I'd put a hammock up!


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