Friday, September 25, 2015

The Carrington Hotel Katoomba

Architecturally, with interiors reminiscent of the Belle Epoch in France and another fabulous asset on the Katoomba history trail, is The Carrington Hotel.  Built  circa 1883 and still containing much of her original furniture and objects d'art, this one,  just like the Hydro Majestic, totally blew me away

The Carrington was another famous honeymooners' destination for young Sydney siders during the first half 20th Century.   The hotel fell into decline in similar circumstances to the Hydro Majestic, after the car became the common mode of transport after the war and people looked for more exotic far away destinations, in which to holiday.  But over the last 2 decades, The Carrington has been brought back to her former glory.

Originally heritage listed for her extensive stained glass in the 1970's, it is usually only by sheer luck that these buildings of a another era and so important to the social history of Australia, still stand today. I've shown you some of her exterior, so come on inside, to view some of her public rooms, by way of a short pictorial video. I am not sure why my camera does this, but it makes a short little video out of the still shots I take and even though I came across this mode on my camera quite by accident, I have to say I really love it.

Layne Love The Carrington Hotel and The Katoomba Cultural Centre

There's a little precis of the Katoomba Cultural Centre in the video, as well, which is definitely worth a look.  There is currently a fashion exhibition showing there until November 2015, and it is exquisite.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of a glorious historical building, so beautifully appointed

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quelle superbe architecture ! Merci pour ces magnifiques photos... et cette charmante enfant !

    Gros bisous ✿

  2. Such old-school elegance. I think I need a bit of that in my life! x

  3. Such a beautiful restoration, might have to visit/

  4. What a beautiful place. I am well overdue a visit to the mountains xx


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