Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santa's Magical Kingdom

We are still rocking the Santa thing whilst we have a believer in the house.  With this in mind, when the opportunity came to visit Santa's Magical Kingdom at the Showground I jumped at it.

There was snow (bubbles)

and ice (slippery plastic matting) for ice skating.

I was wondering if you needed to rug up, but the temperature is a balmy 23 degrees inside the pavilion, so no need.

The best of all was the roller coaster.
This shot made me realise two things.  I am wearing my dresses too short and I need a new bra.  Other than that, this was the most fun I'd had in ages.

The expressions on our faces tell it all.  My daughter is shouting " Mummy make it stop I want to get off."  I am shouting through gritted teeth.  "Darling I can't make it stop, just hang on it will end soon."  Clearly the only one who loved the scariness was the Biggest Beach House Brat.  He is loving every minute of it.

What was terrific about the event was all the smiling it generated.

I also loved the fact there were rides for the teenage non believers.  The 'Cliff Hanger' being the pick of the lot.

Like a hang glider, only safer.

One hour in to the session, there was a call to come into Santa's big top, for the circus performance, which was terrific. Many kids had their eyes out on sticks.

The caged motor bikes fascinated me.  That girl in the centre of the cage was very brave, but she was literally shaking like a leaf, which was an indication that the danger factor was real.

Santa's magical kingdom is definitely worth a visit, if you are after a few hours of good clean Christmas fun.
The sessions run for 3 hours morning, afternoon and evening until 24 December 2015.
For ticketing details, check this out.

Disclaimer: We were gifted tickets to attend this event.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun especially the circus performances they are great for kids and adults alike!


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