Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jet Lagged in London

Made it to London in one piece. Qantas were fabulous. Drove Layne hard in an effort to stay awake all day, walking her all over London in order to get over our dreaded jet lag ASAP. She's a trooper and had several second winds.

A major observation in London is that machine gun toting coppers on the street, are much greater in number, protecting all the British icons, than 2 years ago. It's very sad and more tense than before. But still completely packed with tourists with selfie sticks.  Also that it's very dry. A walk through St James' Park reminded me of  Oz with yellow dusty patchy grass all over.

Highlight of the day was stumbling upon 'open month' at Clarence House, home of Charlie and Camilla and once the Queen mum. She (the QM) appears to have been the first great love of his life as he hasn't changed much since she died and it is a big tribute to her inside and out. It's pretty humble by royal standards. Felt funny sticky beaking at the family snaps in frames and the stunning object d'art all over. No photos of Kate, except the massive group wedding shot, which I thought was telling . Although apparently she is quite the photographer and takes many of the family snaps.

 Also found a great antique market in Covent Garden where I am hoping to head out for dinner tonight if I can wake the princess, lest we are twiddling our thumbs and wide awake at 2am tomorrow morning. LA LA LA love this town.

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  1. It does look dry they must have had a hot summer! A bit scary that they have had to up the security but at least it makes you feel safer. Have a fab time! x


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