Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Holiday in Vietnam - Saigon Part 1

Thrilled to be here. Vietnam Airlines was great and with Australia only 3 and a half movies away, I hardly even noticed the turbulence and really enjoyed the flight.


 Insider Journeys our tour company were a no show at the airport, but we found their rep and it was all fixed with great apologies and kindness. It was a great lesson to me to drop any attitude, be my best self and be utterly patient. Funnily they arranged 2 taxis for us when one would have been fine. So we split up and off we set. The drive to the hotel was very entertaining. The Biggest Beach House Brat is missing a high altitude training road cycling camp in the Alps and was reticent to come, but once he saw the traffic, with virtual newborns hanging off the back of bikes in mummy's arms,  people carrying ladders or trailing big carts with their arms off the back of bikes, he was sold and very glad he came with us. He loves a bit of chaos.

Once checked in, we immediately hit the pool which has a great view of the city lights. It was about 34 degrees but it's the tail end of the dry season, so somewhat like Adelaide at the moment in terms of climate.  We then hit the markets to source dinner. We are all on probiotics, so pretty willing to have a go at the street food. So far so good.

The Littlest Beach House Brat has a touch of culture shock, which came to a head last night when the Biggest Beach House Brat did a runner in search of a bargain wallet. He got sick of waiting for us and dealing with my "inferior" (his words) bargaining skills. We got back to the hotel before him sans keys and he wasn't there. The LBHB was worried she'd lost her brother for good after walking around the block several times with no sign of him. 
Starting to worry myself, as everyone keeps telling him how handsome he is, I phoned him on facebook and of course by this stage he was back at the hotel as promised thinking I was even more stupid than when he'd left us. It was sweet to see the LBHB's reaction, as she appears to love him dearly after all. Not always easy where teenagers are concerned.
Looking forward to more adventure today.

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