Monday, July 13, 2020

Cobar and Wilcannia in Outback NSW Australia

  Cobar: A surprisingly goey little town that benefits greatly from the 

mining boom. Best fried chips we have ever tasted at the Bowling I said surprisingly......even down to the curator at the museum who keeps everything in pristine condition. Stunning classic Australian Victorian architecture as well.

Wilcannia, on the other hand, was eye-opening. Once was the third largest port in Australia after Sydney and Newcastle, receiving and sending out over 250 paddle steamers a year carrying wool, grain and supplies. Some stunning Victorian buildings that have been trashed, burnt down during riots and left, windows on remaining shops, chemist and pub blacked out or boarded up. It's tragic, but amongst all the social problems we found Miss Barrett's cafe, a little oasis in a chaotic town where the food was amazing......modern and so yummy. The funniest experience in Wilcannia was the emu running down the main street. I didn't get of shot of it as we were too busy laughing. The Darling River is low as......very little rain this year. We are loving the education we are getting in Outback Australia.

This road trip was taken in 2018 and is one from the travel diary.

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