Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hanky Panky at the Beach House and Some New Nautical Love

Well there's more hanky panky going on outside the Beach House than inside at the moment.  We presently have two birds' nests in our garden, with some very hungry and noisy babies and some ever so aggressive mummies defending their young.  This is creating all sorts of excitement amongst the Beach House Brats.  They will be the ones running around the front yard with blankets over their heads, daring the big mummas to swoop them.  Meanwhile, I have been swanning around the Beach House ensconced in new nautical love.  I gave Mr Beach House this block for Fathers' Day, which is part of a ship's pulley system.  I really wanted one, so I gave it to him as a gift.  Hey, he's not my daddy and it's better than the snow dome I got for my birthday, don't ya think?

I also picked up these vintage binoculars and case at our local school fete last month.  I think I paid about $5 for them.  I have wanted some for ages, but even the thrift stores are charging about $50 for a good set.  All these bargain hunt and collectors TV shows, sure are making it hard for us collectors to land a bargain.

I love my vignettes to evoke a story and to me the binoculars and the globe say, world adventure traveller.  I am becoming an arm chair traveller at the moment, as the Beach House budget is rejigged to take into consideration this latest slump in the boat building industry.  I mean we are OK, we've had a few good years, but are now coming to terms with the fact that the glory days are over, for a little while anyway.

But if it means I have to put up with shabby binoculars and tatty old surf boards then I think I will cope.

Oh and hand me down vintage bottles from mum.  And this brings me back to where we began, talking about magpies.  I have been helping my mum clean out a few cupboards lately, as she is doing a de junk and I came across these old original milk bottles.  And how does that concern magpies, I hear you ask?  Well as any self respecting Australian child of the seventies will remember, milk was delivered daily, not to the front door, but rather to an area on the boundary of the property and it was a race to get to it, before the magpies punched holes in the silver milk bottle tops.

There are a couple of 600ml bottles and a Peters 1/2 pint one.  The little white bowls, I picked up at the local thrift store yesterday and they will do very nicely for a great Asian Prawn Dumpling soup that will be up here next.  It's one of those recipes that us wanna be gourmet cooks can make to impress our not so wanna be gourmet cook friends.

And then there's my little herb corner.  I can hardly call it a herb garden, as it's just a few little bits I have stuck in as I am sick of paying heaps for bunches of herbs that are never completely used up.  And here's evidence of the petunia planting and mulching that I completed with the kiddos last weekend.  Note to self..... Wash the dirt off the back fence.

Well dear reader we are having a ball down here at the Beach House, just living life to the full, even if it is sans much HP. 
Today I am linked up to great parties here, and I thank these gals for sharing the love.


  1. House and garden look so lovely,and I so remember the silver bottle tops from the good ol' days when milk was delivered and there was only one kind. Congrats on the progress of your diet too, well done.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful and I love the bottles. Things are looking so beachy with the pillows and binoculars!


  3. The beach house is beautiful! No wonder you are having so much fun!

  4. love it. We have a birds nest on one of the wooden beams of the carport at the moment.

  5. You sound like you have a charming life and you want to leave it all for France? I do get it. I'm a romantic, too.

  6. the building industry has been quiet here too.. picking up a bit now, so i know what you mean. love the binoculars.

  7. New follower from the hop. Beautiful blog!

  8. You have such a lovely home. The binoculars and surfboard look cute where they are :) Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  9. Everything looks so nice--love the surfboard on the wall! Thanks so much for linking up--hope you'll be back this week!


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