Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heaven and Hell on Earth

Heaven is where the police are British
The chefs are Italian
The mechanics are German
The lovers are French
And it is all organised by the Swiss

Hell is where the police are German
The chefs are British (sorry Jamie)
The mechanics are French
The lovers Swiss
And it is all organised by the Italians
Anonymous except for the bit about Jamie

Well we have our problems too Down Under, but there's nothing a day in the great outdoors can't fix.  Here's my take on a day we spent on Pittwater, last Saturday.  We bumped into the Beach House Brat's God father and ended up on the back of this boat for the afternoon.  Lots of laughs and basically just sheer Heaven!!!

The Basin is on the western foreshore of Pittwater and is accessible by ferry,  which launches hourly from Palm Beach.  Here's the ferry time table.  There are gas BBQ's, camping and toilet facilities available at the Basin.  Please note, landing at the Basin even for the day, you will incur a small fee per person, as it is part of the Ku ring gai National Park. 

 There is a shark netted lagoon which is perfect  for swimming October to March.  And an historic building known as Beechwood Cottage which can be hired for functions.

There was some wild life on shore as well.

It also seems it was a day for lovers.

Have a great weekend everyone.  This weekend I'll be seeking out more of the same in and around this little coastal enclave.

Today I am partying at


  1. That looks like a great day and I love that boat - I wouldn't mind having one of those to cruise around in!

  2. pittwater is so beautiful and the boat looks like a great way to see it!

  3. AAhh! Carolyn just another day in paradise?
    Thanks for sharing your great outdoors.
    bon weekend

  4. Nice! I wouldn't mind hanging out on a boat named Tahiti for a day.

  5. Love all those seaside photos - I live by the sea and still enjoy seeing photos of those who live by the ocean in other parts of the world - always eye-opening!

    Love those roos!

    Happy Sunday!
    beachside cottage

  6. My favourite kind of cruiser - one where champagne is obligatory. How lucky we are to live in this part of the world.

  7. What a perfect day! I am glad that you were able to get out and enjoy it. Love your photos.

  8. Lovely pics and lovely post. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)


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