Thursday, November 17, 2011

French Coastal Tablescape in Red, White and Blue

Ok Gals this is not a post about how I've had to take flowers out of the weekly budget, or how we haven't sold any boats for months or how my dreams of living in France are currently on hold.  Oh no it isn't!!!!  It's about this beautiful chandelier I bought many months ago  when all was well with the world.  As we need to engage an electrician to move the central pendant light in our dining room and install some down lights so this baby can centrally hang over the table, it hasn't happened yet.

I have been schmoozing over and fondling it for months now in anticipation of draping it with ivy and hanging it with all manner of beautiful florals, but I could wait no longer.  I have styled it with blooms from my garden and for the moment, it is sitting on the table, where it has been for a long time.  I have also been itching to show off my new IKEA love.  My new dining setting!!!!!

New??? I hear you quip!!! Well that is a funny story in itself.  It was my birthday in mid September and I was away skiing, living high on the hog, thinking this would all last forever. Accordingly, I didn't see my mum on the day.  Infact, I didn't see her for some weeks which was unusual.  When we finally caught up, mum told me that she had a birthday card with some money in it somewhere, but she couldn't find it. 

 "How much?" I asked. 

 Her reply "$50".
My response was, "OK well as you're renovating, you may never find it, so could you see your way clear to give it to me now? 

Her reply "No" 

Some weeks passed, when lo and behold the card showed up.  Mum rang to say she had found it and as we were short of a penny, would I like her to pay it straight into my Mastercard.

My reply "No,  Mr Beach House gave me a snow dome, I would like to get something I actually want  for my birthday."

Her reply "OK and by the way, there was actually $100 in the card."

Me "Oh sweet joy. The first thing that has gone my way for months."

So what did I do? I'll tell you what I did...I drove across town to IKEA, and bought this gorgeous off white scalloped dinner set. The plates we were eating off, I had brought to the marriage over 10 years ago and what hadn't been thrown at Mr Beach House, were in a pretty chippy state. I'm not really a plate thrower, even though I have felt like it over the years!!!!

The new set is for daily use and I have to tell you that as I am eating each meal, it makes me very happy.  I don't usually get such joy from consumables, but there you go, I have a deal with myself, that I blog about what's going down at the Beach House and that's the truth of it.  Maybe 'cause it's as close to French style as I'll be, this year or next.

I also mentioned that flowers are out of the weekly budget these days, but I have to tell you I am coping.  It's making me look at my own garden and my neighbour's verge in a whole new light.  I've even got some weeds in this arrangement, but it still looks pretty.  The conifer is a screen planting along our back fence and will come in handy for a Christmas mantel I have in mind.  The gardenias are mine, the morning glory and the red geraniums are snaffled from the neighbour's overhanging garden.  She is a lovely old thing, who would be only too happy for me to have them, I am sure.

The red white and blue just happened and with the scalloped plates I'm going with France.   I threw in the shell centre piece and the napkin rings for a beachy statement, and there you have it, coastal French.  Wow, I feel better already just thinking about it. 

And boy does my porch need work.  If you have been around here lately, you will know I am working on it with my road side find, but I kid you not, it has to be done for nudda, so it's taking some time.

And there's the screen planting of Layton pines.  We rarely see our neighbours cause of these fabulous trees.

I am sure this  painting is coastal France, with the Deauville style umbrellas and its Hausmann style architecture, but if you know for sure, please let me know too. 

And here are some shots from the Style Salon with the chandelier presented as it should be, hanging in all its glory.

Oh the possibilities are endless.  Here's to a hanging chandelier in my dining room in the future some time soon!!!!

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  1. what a beautiful table setting & i LOVE the new ikea plates! might have to get some of those.

  2. Gorgeous Carolyn. I so love IKEA too but hate having to drive so far :(
    I love the way you dress the tables and you have completely inspired me to make a little more effort in that area myself. xx

  3. Wow, can't believe something so pretty from Ikea. Went to the new Tempe store yesterday for some ideas but wish I had seen those. So gigantic and overwhelming. Must make a return trip once we move in and I know what I need.

  4. The colors are great! And your dishes are exciting!

  5. Loved the post...wish you gave us a shot of that beautiful the shells and the lovely white dishes...

  6. I love this post,it is refreshingly honest and so true about the wanting to throw dishes at times!!! Beautiful pictures and I think the dishes are so ooh lala!!

  7. I've been known to throw a few dishes! Your new ones are very pretty -- better not throw those!

  8. OMGawd- your table setting looks gorgeous- GORGEOUS!!

    Thank you mama!!

    The plates look like what I've hunted for in brocantes in France- as my mum has always said "It's the way you wear it"- and your table wears those VERY well!!

    Your house is looking so lovely - that little white cabinet near the table is divine...

    I may even head over for a coffee, if you'll have me when we get home to Oz!!

    Melissa {Miss Sew & So}

  9. I love your new Ikea plates, (please do not throw new plates!) and your white table is, fresh, pretty and inviting! Hugs, FABBY

  10. I also love your centerpiece, lovely and very unique! The moire from my ex curtains is Italian silk, it was very expensive, so I'm glad I repurposed the material, it washes and it gets very rinkled... and yeah, moire has a beautiful sheen to it like taffeta. Thanks for your visit sweet lady. Hugs, FABBY

  11. What a gorgeous table setting!


    PS i have a really fun throw pillow giveaway going on. Come on over and enter if you'd like! xo

  12. Carolyn I just loved that you have made "lemonade out of lemons" and used that chandy as a centerpiece! :-) It looks so lovely there all filled with those beautiful flowers and greenery and we are so glad you shared this with us at Inspiration Friday!
    P.S. What a wonderful mom you have and your table setting is just gorgeous. :-)

  13. Your table is gorgeous! I adore the way you used the chandy as a centerpiece! Great Ikea plates to and the shells I luv!!
    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday!

  14. Hey, Carolyn! I read every word of your post, and you made me laugh and sniffle a bit all at the same time. We've had a rough time of it this year, too, after being able to do pretty much anything we wanted up until the bottom fell out. No big floral budget here anymore, no shopping 2 or 3 days a week, no lavish parties. We just have had to regroup and figure out how to still live well but on a lot less and in a manner that is pared down from before. I keep hope that this, too, shall pass. I will once again have a healthy floral budget and be able to stalk my favorite haunts for bargain lovelies. Until that day comes 'round again, I'm just making the best of it! You, too, are making the best of it and in a grand way. You have taken your lovely chandelier and created something altogether different for the time being so that it can still be enjoyed. I admire you for that! Here's hoping that things turn around real soon for both of us and that in the meantime we can use our creativity to get us through!

  15. Your table looks so pretty - the plates and your centerpiece!


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