Monday, May 7, 2012

Chalk Board Luggage Tags Coastal Style and Becoming Unchained from the Kitchen

Hello Ladies!!!!! 
All well rested and ready to face another week out there in the big wide world?  Yes?  I had a very relaxing weekend, which mainly involved straightening up the house while the boys sailed. They won their division and complained when they got home that the girls didn't make it down to the yacht club to see them off.  My excuse.....I lost track of time and was happy to have some down time.  When left at home to my own devices, I love nothing more than to just swan from room to room with no interruptions, apart from my sweet little side kick of course, whom you have seen many times on this blog.  I usually have a cup of tea on hand in my travels and I just plonk myself down and imagine the possibilities in each room.  Very cathartic and restful indeed.  I did manage to steel 2 hours to myself on Saturday morning whilst the kiddos were at soccer and birthday parties.  And boy did I make it count.  I had a look at some gorgeous properties for sale.  I loved this little beach cottage kitchen....industrial style.  I also attended part of Australia's biggest garage sale and hauled myself some fabulous bargains.  I have trend tip on the back of that little exercise as well ladies, but I make it a little further down.

I also got up to a little crafting in the sun too.  I love these luggage tags in all their forms and I wanted a way to be able to re use them.  It dawned on me that chalk board paint was a way to easily achieve that.  These tags can be quite pricey at stationary stores and I am yet to see them in the $2 stores near me, so I thought I'd create my own wash and wear coastal variety, that I can use over again.

This was a card I made to go with my coastal toothpicks and I just washed it with a baby wipe and it was ready to use again.

I wanted a few different combinations so for one card I made a little love heart with tiny shells.

and tied up the cutlery with hemp twine.

I also used a coral chip that I found on the beach far from these parts and then I stood it up in another piece of coral.

I love the details on this piece

I have a thing for black and neutrals right now.  

And my porch is heading in that direction as well.  The stripes there were part of my garage sale haul.

And now for my trend tip.  We are finally through with red.  Why? because all this stuff was at throw away prices.  No matter what, I still like it in a coastal palette.  In fact if something is off trend, I usually like it all the more.  I'm so looking forward to making some more art for the Beach House Brat's bedroom gallery wall using the red frame and the old kettles will do very nicely as vases at some point in the future.

Over all a productive and happy weekend for me mooching around the Beach House and environs.  Have a good week everybody.  I'll be  having lots of fun with my slower cooker.  Yes it's very exciting here up in paradise.  I am loving the way it's getting me thinking about dinner early in the morning.  It's adding about another hour to my day.  Dinner is on and cooking by 8.30am and I don't have to think about it again until it's serving time.  I could kiss the person who invented this little gem.  Mothers little helpers no longer come  the in the form of small red pills, but rather an appliance that genuinely lessens the load.  Bliss!!!!!  And Mr Beach House's review of tonight's slow cooked lamb shoulder "perfect".  Yes ladies, it's mission accomplished for yet another week.  All's well at the Beach House!!!!  Be seeing you soon!!!!!
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  1. ooh i love your blackboard place cards and digging that cute industrial kitchen myself ;) Kate x

  2. Very cute place cards, Carolyn!

    I love my slow cooker, too! I made a wonderful pot roast last week; it was just divine.

  3. love that kitchen!
    love your chalkboard tags, I picked up some plain ones at the newsagent for 5c each- so I can make some too!

  4. Great photo of the Jen place card on the coral. Great idea. The things
    you think of are always inspiring. Thank-you for reminding me I have
    a slow cooker. I'll have to pull it out(and use it).

  5. i love the kitchen in the 1st photo. the old kettles are cute, something i remember having. the chalkboard place cards are a good idea!

  6. Ooh please share slow cooker lamb shoulder recipe! Sounds divine! I was wondering whether to go to the garage sale trail on the weekend... so wish I did now! x

  7. Hi Emma

    I will definitely be sharing it soon. It was definitely blog worthy and I managed a couple of shoots before my hungry sailors woofed it down. Luckily they left some for leftovers tonight.

  8. What a smart idea- love it! And that kitchen is to die for!!

  9. I LOVE those tags, such a brilliant idea and that kitchen....SWOOOOOONNNN :)xxx

  10. Thanks Carolyn, I would love that! x

  11. These are so cute. Would you consider linking it up to my Pinworthy Projects Party? I'd love to have you join the party.

  12. Mel@Georgica POndMay 8, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    Love this idea of the shell place card tags - now I have a way to use all my spare shells!

  13. Love the tags, such a great idea and the pillows are beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. HUgs, Marty

  14. What adorable place cards! I've made a few in my time. It really helped with the grandkids came along to have preset places at the holiday table. But none were ever as cute as these. Thanks for the fun ideas on this happy Rednesday.

  15. These are so cute and clever! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  16. Such a cute and easy idea. Pinning this for future use! Thank you!

  17. Those are so creative and beautiful on the table! I'm passing this idea on to our event planner at work. Could come in handy on a big scale.


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