Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Cooking at the Sydney Good Food and Wine Show in June

I got an email yesterday with this line in it:

"The competition was tight however we have reviewed all the posts today and voted based on both blog and recipe creativity and we are delighted to invite you to progress to the “Cook Off” round of the promotion. Congratulations!!"

So what does it mean?  It appears I made the cut down from 80 to 18 Bloggers across 3 states.  This apparently is what that means,

"Cook Off Sessions
•Will involve you and another blogger cooking your recipes at The Chopping Block stand (sponsored by Gourmet Garden, John West Fresh, Leggo’s, VZUG appliances & Campbell’s Real Stock.)
•The sessions will be MC’ed by a celebrity chef (Sammy/ Bella from My Kitchen Rules or Chef Dominique Rizzo) and they will judge the winning recipe from the 2 bloggers Recipe Requirements. Due to time and stand constraints, recipes must:
 1. Be able to be prepared, cooked & plated within 30 minutes (you can prep ingredients prior to session if required) 
2. Use equipment available on the stand: wok burner, induction cook top and oven 
3. Feature Gourmet Garden herbs & spices. It would also be great to use products of other partners from The Chopping Block (see ingredients available on stand Page 2) 
4. Be your own original recipe 
5. Recipe ingredients and additional equipment lists to be provided 4 days prior to the show"

So 3 bloggers from each state (making 9 finalists) will then be chosen to attend the Noosa Good Food and Wine Show later in the year.  The winner of that round will share in some fabulous prizes including a 12 month ambassadorship for Gourmet Garden..........Baby steps guys, baby steps!!!!!!

Hmmmm  I've got my work cut out 'cause the other contestants look good. Real good!!!! But hey I'm still in it and we are all subject to the same rules.  I have nothing to lose and will be doing my best.

Check out the competition here.  It looks great.......If nothing else, I will learn something doing this.

For the recipes I blogged for this competition and for all my other savoury recipes go here.  For sweet ones
go here

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  1. Woohoo! Good for you, I knew you'd do well, good luck!! xo K

  2. congratulations!! best wishes for the next stage. i thought you'd do well too.

  3. Grat news, Carolyn! Congrats and best wishes!

  4. Congratulations and good luck. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Wow! That is fantastic news! Seriously excited for you! xx

  6. Congratulations Carolyn! June? Already? Wow, you'll be paving the way for us. I'm not due on until November. You'll have to let me know all about it. Have a great time and keep us posted. All the best of luck to you Carolyn!

    Anne xx

  7. Congratulations, your recipes are fantastic - the rest are up against some tough competition from you!

  8. So what will you cook???? How exciting!!!!! Congrats

  9. that is so exciting!!!! Congratulations!

  10. Thanks for all your good wishes. I have a month to practice what I'll be cooking. So not sure yet. It has to be simple and fast. I think the pressure to use other partners' products just adds to the challenge and I will be seeking clarification from Megan on whether this will increase ones chances. It's scary, but I am ready for this in my life

  11. Hi Carolyn! I follow your blog from Melbourne Beach, FL, USA! Congratulations on moving on in the cook-off!! Soooo excited for you! I finally made your Moroccan Lemon Chicken last night. Oh my...SO DE-lish!! I used the left overs for stew (soup) tonight. Just added potatoes, carrots, red pepper and served over rice. Superb! It is one I will go to again & again!!!

  12. Thanks for letting me know it worked well for you.



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