Monday, November 12, 2012

Why the Roadside is the Vintage Lovers Best Friend

If you are a lover of vintage, it is wise to drive slowly.  My roadside adventures drive the Beach House Brats batty, but hey I just keep telling them  "Deal with it, yes I'm an addict, but better that I am junk and disorderly, than drunk and disorderly.

The vintage loving curb crawlers amongst you, will be familiar with the rush when you stumble upon other people's disguarded junk.  It has to be nice junk, quality junk, but it is junk all the same.  Have you seen the price of this junk in some of the designer shops lately?  Remember the little amo box I picked up recently. Well I saw the exact same thing, with a flip top lid for $165 recently in a local store, I mean hello, are you off your head?  Do people actually pay that sort of thing?.  I was willing to sell mine for $5 at the next car boot sale.  Now I think it may be slightly more, but not much.

There have been ladders, loads of late.  To think I almost weakened and bought a step ladder for $85 in a junk store last Christmas in Melbourne.  That's the thing junk lovers, you have to be patient.  I now have 3 of these biggies just waiting to find a good home in my garage. I'm using one as our Christmas tree this year.  My kids have already gagged at this idea, but I remind them, as Mr Beach House says on all the dodgy projects he does around here. "Just wait until it's finished before you say anything."

Then there was this cane lounge.  My biggest coup yet.  Lucky Mr Beach House works close by.  It's amazing what people toss out in the more affluent suburbs.

I need to buy a bigger house for the pretzel lounge I found curb side, as that is not on the horizon, sadly she will be fobbed off at the next car boot sale too.

My latest find was this lantern out on a recent walk. Her little chimney makes her draw well, so the candle burns brightly. Can't wait to get her going on a balmy Sydney evening out on the deck this Summer.

By all accounts she's loving her new home here at the Beach House and we (or perhaps that's just "me") love her too.  With December the most stressful month for mothers on approach, I am enjoying the last few weeks of freedom before I put my Christmas crazy pants on.  Wish I could go on strike, but I'd never be forgiven.  So until then, I am enjoying a little junkin' on the side.  And  my Beach House babes will just have to deal with it!!!!

Speaking of Christmas crazy pants, if you need a wee break, check out my giveaway here.  It may free you up from the kitchen and food shopping routine for a little bit of junkin' too.
Have a great week Beach Dwellers.
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  1. Love all your finds! I am finding the second best spot for junk is our local dump- amazing what things people just toss!

  2. I love it when I find something interesting on the curb! I was amazed lately when I saw at the window of an antique store two armchairs I saw on the curb but could not take!The owner or someone else probably took them there!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. you've found some great things! i love a good roadside find as you know. feeling a bit surrounded by finds at the moment though ;)

  4. I break for junk. Some of my best and favorite things were things found on the side of the road. I love your ladder.

  5. I like your ammo box. You can't get rid of your pretzel lounge. If it's rataan it goes for quite alot here.

  6. What fantastic finds! I cant wait to see your ladder tree :)

  7. HiYa!!

    I was showing my husband and right away he says, "Pam, we have enough stuff already." I mentioned you lived in Australia..then he was happy.


    I love finding treasures like this. Have fun and relax before the mayhem starts. Hot bath, candles and a nice glass of wine.



  8. It never ever ceases to amaze what people will throw out! You've found some wonderful 'junk' there Carolyn and yes, my addiction drives my hubs and kidlets crazy too :))
    Cas x

  9. Chuckout going on near Collaroy I noticed as I drove the boys to school this morning. But was in a hurry - shame!

    1. Thanks for the heads up.ill have to do a drive by,......without the kids.

  10. Please let us know when you sale will be on.I would loveeeeeeeeee the lounge and the ammo box.Very serious about this..-love dee x

  11. You find THE best stuff Carolyn.
    Have you thought of ebaying some of it.
    You would go well I think ;O)
    It might even pay for Christmas!!!
    Love the kids are only just coming around to the idea!
    Tania xx

  12. Ok I will be patient and wait a little longer for my ladder ;-0. Love your ladder pic by the way... lovely!

  13. Junk fabulous junk!! Love love love :) Amazing what people will discard! Jo xx

  14. Oh my! What fun things you have found on the curbside! I need to keep my eyes open it sounds like... :)

    hugs x

  15. Wow! Great finds and what beautiful pictures of how you used them in decorating! I wish we had the kind of people who throw their "junk" out by the roadside in our mid-western U.S. town! Most people here are too smart and sell them to the antique dealers. :( That lantern would be worth a mint here!!!
    Have a great day!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  16. Now you've got me wishing I lived in Austrailia. Or at least back East. I am always reading about these roadside finds. They just don't do that here in my neck of the woods. Maybe in S.L.C. but no small towns. We have to take things to the thrift or the dump. Sure wish it would catch on. You have found some fab finds! Visiting from Pink Saturday.
    p.s. I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love to have you join!


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