Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eating, Shopping and Staying in Palm Beach

If you are looking for a lovely day trip in Sydney, Palm Beach is your destination.  Today we are talking about the Pittwater side of Palm Beach.  So come on in and check out some of the lesser known attractions in this gorgeous part of paradise.

There is a cute little park right by the wharf and opposite Barrenjoey House.  I have spent coutless hours sitting on that bench being a mother, whilst my kids go wild, but happily when they were really little, within the confines of the fence.  Don't you love a park with barriers?....Makes it so much easier to read the paper or ipad. 

Luckily I am at the tail end of park visits.  They have made this park over several times since I have been with child, which just goes to show how long I have been coming here and doing this kind of thing.  Thankfully the environs are beautiful here.

Here's a closer look at Barrenjoey House restaurant.  The food is fabulous, with a lovely view of Pittwater across the road and you can also stay the night, as it is also a guest house.  The styling here is gorgeous too.

There are a range of eateries on this stripe and whilst Barrnejoey House is at the upper end of the scale, the fish and chip shop (below) is on the more affordable side.  The kids' fish and chips is generous and beautifully cooked, served in a little open box with a lemon wedge and at only $8.80, we often get some for everyone and wonder over to the park on a warm Summer evening, to watch the world go by on the water.  A lovely night out in Summer, or great on a sunny Winter weekend for the family.

Further along Barrenjoey Road, but still strictly on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach, are Cranky Fins Holidae Inn and The Boat House.

Cranky Fins has a funky vibe and is very kid friendly.  The menu is Mexican Cantina style and it is fabulous.  You can find and extensive review of the restaurant here. 

The Boat House is also a very special place and is visually splendid.  For more details on what's on offer, you can read my full review here.

If you fancy a picnic instead, The Palm Beach Wine Company stocks everything you need to fill a hamper, from beautiful French Baguettes to wine and everything in between.  But beware, it is Palm Beach and you pay for quality....and quality it is.  From here it is a quick ferry ride over to the western foreshore of Pittwater, which forms part of the Ku ring gai Chase National Park, and is inaccessible by car.  A very romantic and beautiful spot to spend a day. Check here for ferry timetables.

A picnic over there. would be a lovely day out in the upcoming school holidays, to catch the last of the autumnal warmth too.

This is the little ferry that you can catch to beautiful Mackerel Beach or the Basin, where there is netted swimming.  A larger ferry also departs from here, which transports you up to Ettalong and Wagstaff on the Central Coast.

As for middle of the range eateries, I can recommend Seasoned Cafe.  I had a fabulous steak and pomme frits here a few years ago and am longing to go back for dinner one night.  They are open or dinner Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm and breakfast and lunch, Tuesday to Sunday 8.30am 'til 3pm.

My best pick for beautiful food at breakfast and lunch is Pronto Creative Foods.  Stacey is a fabulous cook and an old mate of Mr Beach House.  Her food is delightfully fresh and interesting.  Stacey also has a catering service available.

Now my absolute best pick of the homewares stores is Bow Wow.  A gorgeous eclectic mix of  vintage and reproduction object d'art and clothing.  This is a great store to find a statement piece  

From gorgeous vintage cane furniture

Stunningly colourful framed vintage maps

Love this one in French, depicting the mineral deposits and population density of this great southern land.

Gorgeous vintage art

Interesting fashion

and unusual pieces

Next door is Bayside Style with her lovely beachy elements.  Go here for stunning lamps, cute clothes and all the beachy homeware you ever dreamt of.

Salt Homewares is another great store where you can stock up on nature.  They have gorgeous pieces of coral and interesting art to add character to your home.

If you don't want to shop,  just take a stroll along the back beach and drool over the real estate and passing yachts.  There is always something to see in this wonderful neck of the woods and it's a lovely way to spend a day.

If you are looking to stay in palm beach, here are some more properties you may like 

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  1. I had the most magical day to myself in Palmy just a fortnight ago. I think it was the last 'pretend' summer's day. I strolled the markets, chose my future house along the beachfront, and read a book I've been watching on my bookshelf for ages. I attended a wedding at Barrenjoey House a couple of years ago. I agree - the food's wonderful, and by night, it's just beautiful. Fabulous photos. x

  2. Great post! I used to not be a big blog reader (even now I am guilty of skimming), but your blog reminds me so much of my favorite Disney blog that I always read from start to finish. Great pics and info - definitely makes me want to visit.

  3. Those eateries and shops look fabulous!

  4. Hi Carolyn ... have just found your blog and love it! So beautiful! As a Queenslander so good to see other parts of our beautiful country especially the coast!
    best wishes

  5. I love this part of the world, such class and sophistication.. And beautifu!

  6. I used to live at Palmy! Such a special place, miss it so, so much.

  7. That is one of our favourite things to do in summer. Fish and Chips dinner at Palmy. Good God we are lucky ducks to live so close. Though I have not yet experienced BOW WOW for myself. That must change xx

  8. Looks like a lovely part of the world :)

  9. Oh it looks so beautiful and idyllic! Wish we had somewhere like that around here

  10. Wonderful examples from the Bow Wow shop. Would love to shop there.

  11. So much to do, didn't realise! Nic

  12. I'm a beach and water nut so I could be quite content living at Palm Beach. Everything always looks so pretty, sunny and clean there. Why can't I win the lottery so we could at least visit? I'm not a fish eater tho so guess I'd be out of place. Do people there make room for non fish eaters? I love your blog.

    1. Srppcrftr

      We'd love to have you fish eater or not. And thanks for loving my blog. I wish I could find yours. Do you have one.

  13. What beautiful photos. Such a gorgeous corner of the world. Looks so magical.

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  14. thanks for the tour. one of my favourite places to visit.. hope to get up there soon!


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