Friday, July 12, 2013

The Way Way Back Movie Review

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Well we went on our mother and son movie date last night, to see The Way Way Back and I have to say it was a great night out.

I don't think the pop corn did anything for the dimples on the back of my legs dear reader, but now I know they are there, I will do something about them, like wearing black stockings next time.  Not pretty, but we blog it like it is here Beach Dwellers.

Anyway I have to tell you, the movie was actually very very good.

Take Pam, a 40 something single mum, who is struggling to find a suitable life partner, after the deceit and upset of the relationship with her ex husband. 

 Her boyfriend Trent, outwardly a good catch, but really a passive aggressive control freak,  who takes great pleasure in crushing any remaining spirit left in 14 year old Duncan.....Pam's gawky and awkward son, who is incredibly sweet and endearing, but who is far from being at ease within his own teenage skin.

Duncan has Trent's measure early on and I found myself willing Pam to see Trent for the creep he is.  She does so eventually, but for some strange reason, one she tells Duncan he couldn't possibly understand, continues to be part of the train wreck she is on with Trent. 

All is not as it seems
Throw in a cute little seaside American town, with loads of very sweet beach houses.  The inhabitants of which, are in constant party mode for the Summer.  And a run down water park, the only place Duncan feels really happy.  Having fun at the risk of real injury is the priority of the very wise, kind hearted and good looking manager Owen.  Seeing  potential in Duncan, Owen gives him a job and allows him to be himself and begin to feel like he is one of the gang.  Growing more confident and bloom into the gorgeous young man he clearly is.

The movie also explores how girls in the cool gang can be absolutely cutting to teenage boys.  A crime I think by the way,  should be more widely outlawed in real life too.  It also has some fabulous cameo roles from minor characters, which add great comic effect.

The movie made me laugh and cry, a fact that the Beach House Brat loudly announced to the whole audience as the lights came on at the end of the film by saying "Mum you're crying."

It delivers all sorts of adult themes and some solutions.  I had no qualms exposing my 10 year old son to any of them.  We later discussed how some of his friends were in the same situation as Duncan and I told him that amongst other reasons, that is why I have stuck it out with his dad thus far.

The movie is equally entertaining for adults and kids alike and I found myself relating to it, as much as my son.
He asked me if we could get the DVD when it comes out,  to which I replied in the positive.  

We both really liked The Way Way Back for its very watchable flavour, along with its study of some vital aspects of the human condition.
Although I am still trying to work out how the title fits.  Perhaps it has overtones of nostalgia for a more simple era and how things were done back then. 

In cinemas August 1 2013.  Studio Canal are giving away a double pass to the movie and a CD of the soundtrack. 
To find out more click here.


  1. What a great film and an excellent review. I think this is exactly my kind of film and they don't make enough of them - am I the only one who's had enough of Will Smith and his off-spring saving the world from an alien invasion? Could we just see some real people living real lives on screen please? Great prize too! xx

  2. Looks like a fun night - and a great movie - have to put it on my list!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. What a gorgeous couple you make. That boy of yours is so handsome. I wouldn't have noticed you were showing a bit of leg Caro if you hadn't told me, honest! LOL You look gorgeous!

    Anne xx

  4. He will remember that date night with his mum for sure. VIP or what!??
    Looks a great night out, well done mother.

  5. You are very funny... has your hubby read the line: 'stuck with his dad thus far.' Thus far!! But believe me I know what you are mean. This film sounds terrific and I shall be hoping my teens will accompany me to see it and then have a debrief afterwards.

  6. looks like you had a great night out with your boy!
    i'm looking forward to seeing the movie after your review.

  7. What a wonderful "date night" with your spunky boy!


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