Monday, August 19, 2013

Goodie Bag Birthday Party Ideas

Goodie Bag Birthday Party Ideas

Lollies make me shudder.  Weirdly, I was never partial to them as a kid.  Although I can eat my own body weight in chocolate, if given the chance, lollies have just never been my thing.  Generally they just taste like plastic blobs of sugar to me.   Read Yuck!!!!!! I do make an exception for Christmas decorating, but I try, often with limited success, not to let them into the Beach House otherwise.  Conversely, the other three members of this household are totally into them, so there was no avoiding the "lolly" bag culture that has grown up around the kids party scene, when someone turned 5 last week.  Although I did try.

I put on my best negotiating skills and with a little bribery and the odd chocolate drop, this is what the littlest Beach House brat and I came up with.  She insisted on poppers and was happy to have the choc chip cookies she loves in there.  The strawberries were all my idea.  And I have to say, there was no one complaining when they opened their little packets at the end of the party.

The poppers (2) went in first and I covered them with some baking paper, so no chemicals crossed over to the cookies.  Shoot me I'm a Virgo.

I actually wrapped the stawberries in plastic for the same cross contamination reasons as above.

The deal was sealed with a love heart sticker,  left over from our engagement party invitations from many years ago,

which was kind of in theme with the love heart cake.  I picked up the tin at Aldi for a song. It was spring form and worked a treat.  The recipe I used was a double quantity of a carrot cake with coloured cream cheese frosting.......It was sooooo good and you can get that recipe here. 

Someone had a brilliant time and I came away relatively stress free.  A success in my book, especially when the effort to happiness factor ratio is low.

For more simple party food ideas go here.

and for easy birthday cake ideas go here.

Have a great week.

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  1. I hear you!! Not fan of the lollie bags either, just too much craziness in one place! This year for my son's birthday we gave colouring books and stickers. None of the children seemed to mind and the parents seemed happy. We've also been to a party where they gave bubble wands which I thought was cool too :)

  2. happy birthday to your girl! she's looking very grown up and happy.
    great idea instead of lolly bags.

  3. I should have known you were a Virgo (me too!) No wonder you and your blog are of such appeal to me! :)

  4. What a great idea. It is my daughters birthday this weekend so your ideas have come at the perfect time. Thanks Mary

  5. Hi Carolyn I love the goodie bags and next time we have a party I am going to do something along those lines and your daughter is beautiful such a little doll,-love dee x

  6. She's adorable! glad it all turned out well.

  7. Wonderful and she's super pretty and cute!

  8. I don't like lollies either.
    I thought it was just me.
    These are great Carolyn!

  9. I have mostly tried to avoid the lolly bag thing, one year we did golden books, another hot wheels cars, and another I gave tea cups.

  10. Good on you for not sending the kids home with a kilo of sugar and artificial colourings. The cake is so pretty. And your birthday girl in her summer dress is just adorable xx

  11. Oh wish her a very Happy Birthday from me hun. I love the idea of no lollies lolly bags x

  12. Oh you spoil sport! LOL (Just kidding.) Fantastic idea Carolyn. To tell you the truth (although the birthday party scene has been quiet this year, thank goodness, so far anyway), I've been noticing less and less lollies but more and more plastic junk. I really don't see the sense in them myself. I'm from the old school when all you got to take home was a piece of cake and/or one of those little cardboard baskets full of about 6 lollies, if you were lucky and most of them were homemade. My daughter isn't having a party this year but I'm looking for ideas for Star Wars favours. Wonder what all the good Jedis across the universe consider a treat? LOL

    Anne xx

  13. ooh I like Carolyn! I am organising one for Gus on Saturday.... wish me luck!

  14. What a super idea, I love it. The boxes look amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. I'd have been happy with that too when I was a child. That photo of your little lass is absolutely spectacular. What a great memory to have of her at 5.


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