Monday, June 23, 2014

A Cute Party Favor Idea for Kids

A Cute Party Favor Idea for Kids

Good morning from a brisk Sydney.  Winter is definitely go and we are all feeling it, in our ill equipped beach houses. Thank God it lasts, but 8 short weeks.

And now on to the real reason you are here. A Cute Party Favor Idea for Kids.

To say I detest the kids' party lolly bag, would not be to put too finer point on it. 
Handfuls of cheap chemical laden Chinese made confectionery, usually all eaten in one sitting on the way home from the party, just about does my head in.  You can't fight it, unless you are up for World War 4, so you have to watch, as your child almost consumes their body weight in junk.

Accordingly, it was to my great delight recently, that the smallest Beach House Brat came home from a party with an all together different idea for a party favor.  A 'make your own hot chocolate'.  When I picked her up, she was hanging around for the lolly bag, being her charming self and prompting me to ask the host for it.  In order to make a quick get away, I did and oh sweet Jesus, there wasn't one on offer.  Yay!!!!! Just this cute make your own hot chocky. Although not completely devoid of sugar, for my money it's a much better bet than the usual alternative handed out to already sugar laden kids, at the end of the party.

So we have been waiting for the right conditions to hang in front of the fire and do this for a few weeks. Global warming almost had us beaten, but when you see an opportunity, experience has taught me, you should take it.

There's a time and a place for copious hot chocolate consumption and the Winter Solstice, was it.   The excitement with which my girl unwrapped the sweet little parcel was palpable.  We found the cup contained most of what we needed to create a yummy Winter drink.  All we had to do was add some hot milk.  The real novelty in all this, was the big blob of chocolate molded to the end of the spoon. Genius!!!!!!!

Here's what you need for a:

Hot Chocolate Party Favor
Insulated cups
Good quality cooking chocolate
Bamboo spoon
Mini patty Pans
Marshmallows (optional)
Small luggage tags

Melt chocolate according to the packet directions and fill to 3/4 the required amount of patty pan cases.
Insert a spoon into each chocolate patty pan whilst chocolate is soft
Allow chocolate to set firm.
Place 'chocolate spoon' into the cups with 2 marshmallows.
Wrap with Cellophane.
Tie off with ribbon and attach luggage tags, which tell the recipient to "Add hot milk and stir"


For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, I hope you are enjoying Winter.  At least we are on the right side of the Winter solstice after 21 June.  Not long now!!!!!!

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  1. Such a delicious idea :-))) I love these pictures!

  2. Oh I could stir a cup or three :) fab idea! Hope you will visit us at our Snickerdoodle Sunday link up. Well you might not have time this week, ends 8am ET Tuesday but maybe next week! Bring enough to share!

  3. What a very unique idea and something that can be enjoyed at home and not in the car on the way home!

  4. That is such a great idea. I know a few adults who would love this too!!

  5. What a fabulous idea! I love a take home bag with a difference!

  6. It's great alternative to a bagful of lollies isn't it!

  7. Yum indeed! So glad to be on the other side of the winter solstice!

  8. Love this!! So simple and so clever. I might just do it with my kids during the holidays for the hell of it - I think they'd love it. (Beautiful Laney too - gorgeous photos of her xx) x

  9. What a novel idea, love it! Visiting Via With Some Grace for #FYBF

  10. Best idea. I hate the rubbish you usually find in party favour bags too. Gorgeous photos. Good luck with the trip planning x

  11. Oh yum!!! Great idea for a birthday party! And I can imagine the kids would love making it.


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