Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MX Mona Vale A Mexican Taqueria

MX Mona Vale a Mexican Taqueria

The term Taqueria is a Spanish word, describing a place where Tacos are made and sold,  but MX Mona Vale, is so much more than a taco shop.    In sympathy with the original  taco carts of Mexico, MX's decor has been pared down to the basics and it really is all about the food.  With seating for a maximum of 35 people, this cute little hole in the wall,  is definitely worth a visit for lunch.

You will find very little Tex Mex style food in da house.  Think flavoursome and authentic Mexican street food, consisting of tacos, burritos, interesting salads, a fabulous spicy roast pork roll and of course the signature grilled corn, made famous at MX's big sister restaurant, Mexicano at Narrabeen Beach.  I never go past it, when we dine there.

Open daily from 11.30am-3pm
Located at Shop 4A/1 Waratah St, Mona Vale 
I should say MX does not have a phone number.

Order via the front window and dine in at the bar, or communal tables, or out on the pavement bench seating.  There's even the option to take your package down to Mona Vale Beach for an impromptu picnic.  Nice one!!!!

And for lovers of cute stationary, MX is located next to the uber cute, Little Paper Lane.  You know you want to!!!!!

I reckon life on the beaches is more than OK!!!!!!!

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  1. I love Mexican and I think its becoming a lot more popular too with more restaurants opening up. This place looks like a great spot to check out :)

  2. Aha, thanks for the heas up. We still haven't got to Mexicana but must go, have herd rave reviews. This spot sounds tops too.


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