Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frozen Movie Party Table

Frozen Movie Party Table

As you know I am not a lover of  traditional sugar laden party food. 

As some of my little charges were staying over for the slumber party, I decided on feeding them a proper dinner, rather than than all the usual party food suspects.  It kept the menu simple as well. We had spaghetti bolognaise, which most kids happily eat. I thought it would be nice for the girls to sit up together and have a kind of dinner party.

That gave me the opportunity to style up a pretty Frozen tablescape, which all the girls were in awe of.  I used IKEA snowflakes and their fabulous snowflake lights weaved in amongst some conifer foliage, to create a Nordic feel.

I made a pretty installation over the table using my chandelier.  Please don't look at the bit that needs sanding on the ceiling.  Again I used those handy IKEA snowflakes and stitched them onto glitter ribbon in silver and blue,which I picked up at Spotlight.  The lanterns were Shmick brand and I picked them up at the local $2 shop.

As for the entertainment, we did pin the tail on the donkey, as provided by Mr Beach House.  Being a boat designer finally came in handy around the house.  Would you believe the tails we used came out of a party set, I had as a kid.  Sometimes it pays to hang on to things.  It was the first time most of the kids had played this game and they loved it.  In hindsight, I probably should have been pin the carrot nose on Olaf the snowman.  Next time perhaps.

The thing that entertained the girls the most though, was this karaoke machine, as supplied by grandma.  I decided to try and get a Frozen CD at the 11th hour, so they would know a few songs to sing.  I didn't hold out much hope of finding the CD, considering how hard it was to get the Else Princess outfit (Warriewood Square on the stall outside Athlete's Foot if you are in the market for one.)  We almost settled on getting the Grease album.  Just as I was about to give up hope, there it was, the last Frozen CD, sitting alone on the shelf.  I picked it up, fist pumped the air and shouted woohoo.  A guy idled up to me in the store and said.  "If I knew you wanted it that much, you could have had our copy and here, take my daughter, she knows all the songs."  It's amazing how the marketing juggernaut captures the interest of these kids and anything associated with the Frozen movie sells like hot cakes.

 The karaoke machine was an absolute hit and filled in quite a bit of time.  One of the shyest kids ended up becoming the microphone hog, which was pretty funny.  Whilst 2 sang Frozen songs on rotation, the others played with my daughter's girly lego set. Perfect.

We also did some beading to make bracelets and windmill crafting.  The kids have all reported back that they really enjoyed the party. With the big trip coming up, I was on a strict budget and determined not to invest in an entertainer.

Want to see how I put the cake together and the lemonade stand we used to greet the guest? Well you can check them out here.

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  1. Fantastic table setting and what a great idea to do dinner and have a slumber party! I live everything. Well done you. :)

  2. I'm in awe too. In fact I am booking you as my next party planner as just the thought of getting something like this together makes me feel weepy and weak at the knees. It looks just great - lucky girls, and it sounds like it went off really well so very good for you too. Nothing like seeing delighted children.

  3. Magical, Carolyn! Loving the colour scheme! And those lanterns! Precious! Hope you're all having a fab holiday!


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