Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Apartment in Normandy Port en Bessin

Our Apartment in Normandy Port en Bessin

If you are at all interested in a beautiful little spot in Normandy whilst you are taking a look at the  D Day Landing Beaches or the Calvados, camembert and apples, which the region is famous for, then Port on Bessin is your place.  As for the war, every human being enjoying the freedoms we do today,  should try to get here at some point in their lifetime, if they get the chance.  We owe those brave souls  who landed on the beaches and cliffs, so far from home, so very very much.  The movies and the history lessons we learned at school made it look easy, but it is clear from what they were asked to do, it was anything but.

If you are interested in any or all of the above, Port en Bessin is a fabulous base from which to launch yourself.  I will do a whole post about the town of Port en Bessin and her fascinating surrounds, but today's post is to show you our apartment.  Homemakers hold on to your hats, this one is fabulous.  I did show you some shots, when I booked it back in November last year, but now I have some really intimate ones and I hope you enjoy them.  The apartment is located right in the heart of the American Sector of the Landing Beaches and quite close to the American war cemetery and apart from it's beautiful decor, this is why I chose it, because it is very well located.

The apartment is known as

The kitchen is completely fabulous and very well appointed with a lovely view over the little fishing harbour.

As with most French properties, you have to be happy with stairs and lots of them.

There is a queen size bed and two singles in the other bedroom.  The lounge suite is in the parents room and the kids have a little pirates hide away, or can hang in the kitchen if they want to watch the second TV.

There's a little writing desk in the kids' bedroom.

and a little cashe of kids toys.

The bathroom is well appointed with plenty of towels to last you for the week.. There is also a washer and a dryer in here.

There is a second WC up stairs adjacent to the bedrooms. Which is handy when you have drunk a little too much rose at dinner.

If you would like to stay at Port on Bessin you can find out more information here.

Just so you know, we paid our own way at L'Espirit du Port.

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  1. wow.. that's adorable!!! hope you're having a great trip. (:

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Comment ne pas aimer la Normandie ?... J'adore Honfleur et tous les alentours.
    Vous nous faites visiter grâce à vos belles photos un havre de paix que cette petite et charmante maison.
    Très joli billet.

    Gros bisous♡

  3. It's so gorgeous, Caro, really quaint. I love the kitchen - I want a kitchen like that! And it's been decorated beautifully in a truly French minimalist style. What a great find. You certainly are having a wonderful holiday and your kids will remember this special time for a lifetime xx

  4. I've just finished a book about an American woman moving to France and now this, something is telling me I must put France on my travel list again! This place looks amazing and I can tell you are having a wonderful holiday with your family, enjoy!


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