Monday, March 30, 2015

Beach House Bar Stools - A Two Minute Makeover

When a magazine calls and wants to feature my home, of course my natural reaction is...... How nice, yes please.  I can tell you my second thought was,  oh well I better get a few of those little makeovers done, that have been on my mind for ages.

One such makeover well over due, was these bar stool cushions.  I bought the stools 5 years ago at the school fete for $10 a pop, with the intention of recovering the cushions.  I knew I wanted what I call a Ralph Lauren redo.  Something blue with white piping, but then I thought hang on a minute, the kids hang here to eat and do their homework.   Do I really want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on the perfect look, sourcing just the right fabric and getting them recovered, when they will no doubt be trashed within months?

The short answer to that was "No".  So, until the kids grew a bit, I have put up with the original 1970's fabric and kind of hidden them under the bench top, hoping no one would notice. But I really have hated the look.  When I saw these pret a porter cushions, in a colour close to the one I wanted, as I was walking by Bed Bath and Table last week and on sale for $19.95.  I thought "yes", I am ready for a change and at that price, I will not need to be precious about my kids daily activities, in this area of the Beach House.

The new cushions are the squishy soft type that I like and I think they have definitely lifted the space.  Mission accomplished.  It only took 5 years, but I think it was worth the wait.

That's the great thing about decorating, it is always a work in progress and if it can be achieved on a budget, well even better.  That's my kind of thing.

For more make overs and styling around the Beach House check this out.

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  1. Very nice Carolyn. I started to get all 'blog envy' on you and wonder how you had time to recover bar stool cushions. My outdoor setting cushions have been cut out for 6 months and still waiting to be sewn together. Buying on sale is a much better, cost/time/sanity effective solution. Very nice. (I finished up buying the chair 'pads' on sale and am *stupidly* sewing cushions to match. Might be ready by next summer. Don't hold your breath! LOL) xx

  2. Love the new cushions. They look fabulous and the blue and white is so pretty.

  3. Those new cushions are divine!!!

  4. Love the new cushions. Great work.

  5. I love how simple things - even better on a budget - can transform a room.

  6. Oh when is the magazine coming, please keep us in the loop.Hope you are all enjoying the enforced relaxation a rainy Easter brings,

  7. Oooh, how exciting. Good luck with getting ready! The cushions look gorgeous. Happy Easter x

  8. what magazine? awesome. and love the stools, totally updated with that "ralph lauren look."

  9. Have you shown your before kitchen? That was impressive!!! You should show that....

  10. No sadly I never took any digital shots of it.


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