Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ross A Beautiful Historic Town in Tasmania

If you ever find yourself driving down the centre of Tasmania between Launceston and Hobart, think about turning off for Ross and travelling the 2-3 km from the Midlands Highway, into the centre of Ross for a pit stop.  Or even better, Ross would make a great base for a Tasmanian holiday.

  It is a totally charming town, with so many beautiful historic buildings and several tourist attractions on offer.  It's 1836 convict built bridge is totally stunning.  The bridge has 186 Celtic inspired carvings spanning across its 6 archs and is the 3rd oldest bridge still in use in Australia. It is so pretty and is a true masterpiece.

There are loads of cute little historic cottages, many of which provide accommodation for the weary traveller. The tree lined streetscapes of Ross are really easy on the eye.

There are also plenty of shopping options, particularly if you are a lover of vintage like me.  There are several bakeries in town, offering lovely produce.  You can never go past a homemade pie in a town like Ross

There are pubs and several stunning churches, the architecture of which would sit equally well in a major Australian city, as it does in a small country town.  The beauty of the town is testimony to the wealth once generated by the wool industry.

Ross is home to the Tasmanian Wool Centre, which gives a very interesting account of how the industry works from the sheeps back, through the auction room and right up to the beautiful fabrics that result from this natural fibre.  The wool centre also captures some of the other history of the area and offers some beautiful woolen products for sale.

Ross was also home to a large convict female factory in the 1800's, which apart from several cottages only the foundations remain. It's all part of the drama and mystique created by the convict era and thus makes Ross such an interesting place to visit.  There is also a barracks, a drill hall an a very grand war memorial in the centre of town, honouring the districts contribution to conflicts, beginning with the Boer War.  There is even mention of a Victoria Cross  recipient.  Thus Ross has had a comprehensive military connection.

A market is held in the town hall on the third Sunday of each month from 9am.

Even if you just pull in to take in some lunch in Ross, you will certainly be glad you stopped to check out this lovely part of the planet.

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  1. We spent Easter break in tasie last year driving around for 2 weeks. Hubby put Ross on our itinerary and I just showed up. Weather was rainy and cold that day but the kids and I still loved it for our brief pit stop to see the bridge, feed the zillions of ducks who showed up that day, walk to the old church and through town. Beautiful pictures'

  2. This is so pretty and quaint. I love that old box post!

  3. I was tickled by the "Four Corners" when we visited Ross - salvation (a church), temptation (a pub), damnation (can't remember), and recreation (I think it was a library)... visiting today from #teamIBOT x

  4. Ross is a very pretty town. There's so many gorgeous places in Tasmania. We did a two week driving holiday there pre-kids...and have had a few weekends there since. I'd love to do another long stay.

  5. We visited here several years back - isn't it lovely! I adore Tassie and the trip on the Spirit of Tas with the car is one I would repeat in the blink of an eye.


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