Monday, May 18, 2015

A Beautiful French Home in Greater Paris

One thing I am keen to do with the blog, is better document our life.  If for nothing else than so my descendants can see what up we got up to.  And when I am old, it will help me remember just how damned lucky we were.  On our recent trip to France we had a lovely Sunday lunch with Malcolm, Cecile and their kids and this is their lovely home in Paris.

I love the industrial feel of the kitchen, largely expressed via the exposed brick wall.  What a fabulous feature it is.

I love the natural look of the bathroom door too.  Oak I think!

And this is what lies beyond that window.

A charming backyard complete with a studio and heaps of room by Paris standards.

Croquet anyone?

Malcolm is a painter, among many other things and you can see, his works on display throughout the house.  He captures everyday Parisian city rhythms and I think his style is quite unique.  I am left thinking all these people have back stories and am intrigued, as to what they are.

The table is set for our lunch.

 Whilst les enfants had a great time sliding down the banister in wait.

The lovely front door.

The ingredients for a fabulous French Vinegarette and that lovely huge oven with 6 burners.


The kids study the menu in anticipation.

It's in Fraglais.

A wonderful spread

Followed by cheese

And desssert

Then it was off to the Meudon wood for a post lunch walk and bike ride.  The Eiffel Tower looks on. 

Meudon wood is stunning and was where the Germans fought their last battles before entering Paris during the second world war.

We walked to the lake

to meet the boys

for the walk home, past evidence of Druid occupation of the wood.  Walking is the footsteps of ancient and modern history does good things for my soul.

What a beautiful day to file in my mind under memory maker.

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  1. Fabulous post Carolyn! I really enjoyed reading it. How lovely for your son to experience riding in Paris in his BMC jersey!!! x

    1. Hi Emma
      Yes it was just one of those fabulous days. We are very lucky to have some local friends in Paris.

  2. What a nice house, especially by European standards! I totally love that La Cornue stove/oven, how did you like cooking with it? They are so expensive here in America, I don't know if it's worth the extra cash? What do you think? Thanks for sharing your trip, j'adore the travel photos!

    1. That range is a beauty. The oven just does not burn food. It's not a lot of fun cleaning it though. The extractor-fan is industrial strength and not too noisy considering. I clean the filters in the dishwasher. In short - expensive but a very good investment.

  3. What a charming home in Paris, Carolyn, and Malcolm's artwork is stunning! Happy Wednesday!

  4. What a lovely home. Quite spacious for Paris! I love that brick wall in the kitchen and yes, the art is compelling and suits the spaces. What a lovely place to have friends residing!

  5. That is exactly what I imagine when I think of Parisian family homes...although I'm sure not everyone is so lucky to live so beautifully! What a lovely house and a special memory of a gorgeous day. #FYBF

  6. Wow, just lovely! I love the brick wall in the kitchen. I was going to get some wallpaper to fake a brick wall in an old apartment I had (to give it a warehouse-y feel) but couldn't find anything authentic enough!

  7. What a gorgeous home, I'm going to have to hide this from my daughter as she so desperately wants to live in Paris (she is five!).

    1. Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust xx

  8. What a stunning home! I adore Paris and would love to live their one day. *Sigh* I can dream! My Husband and I spent 3 weeks in Paris for our 10th wedding anniversary and loved it so much, with our 20th wedding anniversary coming up next year we are thinking it would be great to take our kids there :)

  9. What an absolutely beautiful home - and that exposed brick is to die for. xx

  10. *Swoon!* What a beautiful house - and clearly a comfortable and lived in home as well.

    I love all the natural light, those paintings and the back yard, but I think if I could steal anything it would be that kitchen!

  11. What an amazing house, yes I love the bricks in the kitchen too! And the artwork is amazing! Paris is amazing!!

  12. Oh, what a beautiful home! Those handwritten menus are the cutest! Definitely a memory to store away with all the other good stuff :)

  13. What a lovely home - thank you for sharing it with us. Part of my soul longs to live in Europe, and another part is tied to our family here in the states. For now I'll live vicariously through great blogs like yours!

  14. WOW! What a gorgeous home and area. Thank you so much for the beautiful virtual tour. I have pinned your post and appreciate you sharing these special memories at the #sundaysdownunder linky party.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  15. Hey Aussies...we've done a lot more work on the house since these pics. Pretty much finished inside. I should send you some pics. BTW I'm having a showing for a month in a Paris gallery - next Spring/Summer. You should come for the "vernissage". First time I've had a solo. Pretty excited about it. Charlie's still fiercing it on the velo and Eleanor is blowing saxophone with the orchestra - as is Chas. on violin. Send your family pics to my email please. And I'll tell you more news - we do think and talk about you - "Remember when la Famille Phillips was here...


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