Friday, May 22, 2015

French Industrial Interiors Style in Paris Metal and Woods Versailles

This fabulous antique store is another of Malcolm's Paris haunts.  They source superior vintage industrial pieces, which in many cases are larger than life.  Who knew vintage 20th century 'junk' would one day be so sort after.  The store is in Versailles and is definitely worth a look, if you are in the area.  Meet me down the bottom for the address.

Next up, where to have a great 3 course traditional lunch with the locals in greater Paris, for about
 15 Euro.  Why hang out with the tourists, when you can rub shoulders with the locals in the real France?


You can find this store at
49 Rue Lamartine 
Versailles (78)

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  1. Great pics. See the large Tour Eiffel? They have €8000 on that - it's their favourite piece and they really don't want to sell it. I'm going there again shortly. I'll report back.

    1. At that price I doubt they ever will. Hope you guys are well.

  2. Here if you want a close-up -

  3. It's a pleasure to visit your blog and see the awesome and interesting photos that you have taken of France. I would love to visit some day but in the mean time I visit your blog and dream.

    1. Thanks Suz. Stay tuned for more as I am missing France and find myself wanting to share my stories about it.

  4. An industrial decor lovers dream store right there!


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