Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beach House Front Door Makeover To Revive a Tired Space in Our Home

 Sponsored by White Knight Strokes

There are always a million things to do around The Beach House.   I have no problem coming up with ideas for improving our house, but as a busy mum, it's just mustering the energy to execute them, that gets me every time.
 When I was asked to be part of the #WhiteKnightRevive program, I saw it as an opportunity to do something I had wanted to do for a while.  I talked about the garden makeover at the entrance to The Beach House. 

The Jungle at my front door

 Well, once that was complete, it motivated me to tackle the front door colour as well.

It was looking a little dull in white and I thought by using a contrasting colour the space would be lifted.  It was a job I could do myself and the bank balance was not going to be blown.  All I needed was some paint (in this case gifted), a good paintbbrush, some sand paper and turps. Not a great amount of effort or dollars, for a significant increase in wow factor.  And right at the front door, where first impressions really are everything.

I enlisted the help of the Littlest Beach House Brat, who is always keen to be front and centre of the action.
We used high gloss black paint.  White Knight 'Strokes' to be precise.



What do you think?   Me?  I think, what a lift.  There's nothing like a declutter, and bit of simple styling, with things you have in the cupboard and a lick of good quality paint to quickly and easily revive a space.

It all ties in with our garden makeover, which you can read about here. Of course the sandstone still needs a high pressure clean, but we are getting there.  Like I said, the projects list is endless.  It's a bit like painting the Harbour Bridge.  You get to one end and turn around and start again.

I love the contrast of the door against the weatherboards.  It really has revived a high vis space in our home.

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  1. Wow! It does look great and I love the contrast.

  2. Lovely look for a beachy entrance. Cute floor mat as well. P.S. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger?

  3. Looks great - I like the dark contrast. Bold and grounding for a front door! Love your bravery with colour x

  4. I love a glossy black door - fabulous result!

  5. Wow what a big different the black door makes - what a statement entrance way!
    The power of paint strikes again :)

  6. Oh it looks fabulous. It's amazing what a bit of paint can do. I painted two feature walls in my boys' bedroom a few months ago - one blue, one green (one each!) and it just lifted the whole room. Even the hallway was cheered up because as you walk down it you can see the blue shimmer out of the corner of your eye! I bought paint to do up our 3rd bedroom a few weeks ago but broke my ankle soon after so that project will have to wait a while :-( #TeamIBOT

  7. Wow. Black is such a bold statement but it really really works!

  8. Those simple hooks are really good, just painted up to match your colour scheme and they work a treat at turning a junk area into decoration.
    And yes changing the front door colour has made the front of the house pop.


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