Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Original Queenslander for Sale

Be still my beating heart.  'Glenelg' is an original Queenslander, built in 1914 and named after the a family member of the original owner, who sadly perished in WW 1.  Glenelg is a stunner and a beautiful window into Australian social history of a century ago.
On a massive block in Oxley, 20 minutes from the centre of Brisbane, one can only hope her new owners are able to see her huge historical value and leave her as much intact, as they possibly can.  For more information on this little beauty go here.

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  1. Wow my dream verandah! And love the windows. Amazing.

  2. Wow! It's virtually a museum! I wonder what the new owner will do with it?

  3. Having recently moved to Queensland and renovated a Queenslander I'm now hooked on them - they need a lot of work but so gorgeous - this one is a stunner.

  4. Wow! What amazing potential for some lucky buyer.

  5. Wow what an amazing home! I would love to buy her and restore her to former glory. Shame I have no cash and live in NSW. xoxo

  6. I want to buy that house, live there for rest of my life. Have always dreamed of living in Australia especially since one of my Senior Companion clients was from Brisbane. She was 94, what a personality she had. I loved hearing her stories about Australia and growing up in Brisbane.
    Besides historical books about your country, movies have seen have voracious curiosity about Australia. From your photos have seen how incredibly beautiful it is there.
    I couldn't afford a plane ticket there let alone anyplace to stay, transportation and food. Guess will have to be a dream but what a dream to visit there. Maybe when I pass on God will let me see it.
    Have you imagined yourself in that era, love that photo of house and people on porch.
    Hope also whomever buys house doesn't ruin it. What history in that house, wish walls could tell stories. So glad you showed us that house, it's truly incredible.
    Enjoy your week

  7. An absolute stunner. How lucky will the next owner be?

  8. What a beautiful home I love all the wood features :)

  9. So much charm in this Queenslander! I wonder how much it'll go for!


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