Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sutton Forrest Public School is for Sale and It's Stunning

Having served the community of Sutton Forrest in the Southern Highlands of NSW for over 100 years, this beautiful little public school is now for sale.  She looks like she also once doubled as the local church, with her Gothic shaped doors and vestibule, which now serves as the school hat room.
 I absolutely love this one and if I had the money, I know what I'd do, tea rooms and accomodation.  Lets just hope the developers don't trash her, as she also comes complete with the school oval, making the parcel of land around 5 acres.   For more of her details and a plan of the building layout go here.

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  1. Oh that would make the most stunning home!!!

  2. How gorgeous. I was in Sutton Forest in January and fell in love with how stunning it is visually and what a wonderful community. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone to transform this parcel of history into a functional home - wish it was me! xx

  3. What a terrible thing would be if it is torn down. Would be very nice home if anybody chooses to tackle the job. Wish we could buy and move to Australia, wonder if any of our kids would come to see us there. Hope it gets purchased, would be interesting to see what is done with it. Have lovely rest of week

  4. I would have loved to turn it into a home!I would feel as if I lived in Laura Ingals little school.AriadnefromGreece!


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