Wednesday, November 23, 2016

English Rain can be Fun

Well it had to happen. English rain. So we stayed close to home. Today was all about Layne, birdland, Jurassic Park and a maze in Bourton on the Water. Bird land with faux dinosaurs was surprisingly enjoyable.
Although I am not fond of birds in cages. Especially the kookaburra, who looked sad, depressed and homesick. I sang him a song and cook cook cooked at him, but all I got was a small tail wiggle and a confused look from him, suggesting he was born in England.

 Initially I wanted to smuggle him home and let him go at the end of mum's street. That was until Layne begged me to ask the keeper why he was so sad. Turns out he killed his wife of 6 years last Tuesday. Arsehole.

Here's a half a minute video of our day.

There was also a fabulous faux fossil dig which was undercover and really great for the kids.

Next was the maze. I am about as fond of mazes as I am of caged birds. The experience confirmed my over riding need to know exactly where I am in relation to everything else at all times. The sign said it takes 20 minutes for brainy people to find their way to the centre. After 30 we were still going around in circles.  So I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions. I dropped the f bomb more than once trying to sort it. It was so frustrating.

 Finally I hijacked a couple who looked like they were enjoying themselves and knew what they were doing, to lead us to the centre and out. It took all of five minutes. Layne lost it cause she swore she knew the way, the last 30 minutes had proven otherwise and we were soaked. I was over holding my umbrella high above the hedge in an effort to stay dry.  The lady, when taking our money said it would fit. She was wrong. Layne called me a Diva.

The maze was a happy past time for lovers in Tudor times to legitimately get away from their chaperone for 20 minutes, or in my case an eternity and be alone. I can certainly see the value in it.

After we escaped, we decided to engage in the fine art of lunch. I google 'what is the best restaurant in Bourton on the Water' and found an Italian gem. Layne gradually forgave me with each bite. It was delicious. Perhaps we have been unlucky, but the country food has been less than impressive until today, apart from the stunning strawberries and raspberries, No wonder an ex boyfriend's seafood restaurant is going so well in the Lakes District.  He says he is teaching the Brits how to eat fish and chips, but he refuses to sell potatoes in the form of chips.  They are only available in the yummy smashed variety.


Tonight whilst out feeding the ducks, we stumbled upon a lady selling tickets for a locally produced amateur variety show. We thought what the hell and bought some tickets.

 It turned out to be a packed house and fabulous. Kind of like a Victorian music hall production. 'Music, magic and comedy' was the bi line. Lots of well known old songs with the audience singing along in the chorus. A bit like a mini proms. A fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant insight into musical culture in this country. Amateur or not, the British sense of humour is priceless and second to none. We had a ball.

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