Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stow on the Wold, The Slaughters and Sudeley Castle

Terrific couple of days in the Cotswolds. I have got Google Maps to behave, so much happier driving, now I have some idea where I'm going. And where we are going, is
up hill and down dale. English countryside is truly lovely. 

It's quite dry though, so very similar to driving on the South coast of NSW.  Road is the same, but the towns just more enchanting.
 Yesterday we did The Slaughters. Lower and Upper.

Nothing sinister, just an Anglo Saxon word for mud. 

We walked between the 2 towns on an ancient right of way across someone's farm and yes there was plenty of mud and sheep. Layne loved it. Much slower pace in the country, which is nice after the cities.

Went to Sudeley Castle today, which was all about the Tudors and also the families that are trying to keep it all going. Several of the wives have been American, which seems to be a thing in the UK.  It was the home of Catherine Parr, last wife of Henry the 8th.  Her main achievement was to outlive him, which considering his past with women, was no easy task.  

Then on to Stow on the Wold for lunch.

 Beautiful little town full of tea rooms and pubs. 

Our cute little cottage.

Loving coming home to our cottage at the end of the day. Layne has taken to feeding the ducks in the local river, The Windrush, daily. 

She loves animals so much and keeps talking about the dog I am going to buy her. First I've heard of it.  

Really missing the boys now. Should have arranged for Hugh to miss more school. A big stomach flu has more than one third of his year and many teachers sick, so sounds like not much happening anyway.

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  1. This looks like a wonderful Mother-Daughter trip despite all the goings-on at home! The photo of you two together is a keeper and when she's all grown up, bet she has this displayed somewhere in her own place. MMR


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