Monday, April 24, 2017

Paris is Paris

Paris is Paris. 
Lovely and gorgeous, today in Paris but I saw a man hit a woman

 in the street and a 2 year old kid hit his Asian nanny in the park many times and speak so rudely to her. I stared at them both. Was horrible to watch in each case. At least the man stopped when the woman saw my evil eye told him I was watching. I would have loved to have said something to him, but did not want to get killed.

The kid was a complete AH too, and would not stop. I got talking to the nanny later, as Layne was playing in the park too and it turns out the nanny was a mum herself. Sadly for her, her kids were back in the Philippines being raised by grandmother.  The nanny said she loved Paris, but not in her current role as a nanny.  We first worlders do not know how damn lucky are.

It's very hot here.  We just walked around and took it all in. Despite its misgivings and being full of charletons, Paris is a lovely city as ever. We did an early lap around the Centre Pompidou because I'd never been. I have never been fond of modern art..... and I'm still not after today. Layne feels the same. Great view of Paris from the building though. I knew I probably wouldn't like it but my landlady said she wouldn't let me come back if I didn't check it out, as it's almost next door to our apartment. Thought perhaps I was missing something, but turns out I was not. Some modern art that concerns talent is great, but filling a room with strategically places fluro lights is not my idea of talent.

On another note I am still having flash backs to yesterday's romp around the Welsh/English country side in our attempts to cross to continental Europe, without a clue of where we were going. Hope they end soon.

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  1. Lovely to hear from you again and from the beautiful Paris. Its sad to see people behaving badly towards one another and a lesson I guess to know that it can happen anywhere. I feel so helpless when I see that sort of thing as you never know how someone is going to react when confronted. Enjoy the rest of your travels.


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