Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Western Front. Walking on Bodies and with Ghosts in Belgium

Great few days in Belgium on The Western Front.  

The Cloth Hall Ypres

Peronne Museum Northern France
A German War Cemetery.  Gas was first used here.
Ypres is a magnificent city.  Aussie flags everywhere.  Lessons from the Western Front. Question everything.  So many sons thrown to the slaughter.  Came out the museum at Frommelles crying.  What a complete and utter cock up.

A German Bunker Hill 60
Old Trenches adjacent to the Passchendaele

Hill 60
The Front Line Hill 60

Shells in the museum at Hooge Crater
Bike Festival Ypres
An old hand grenade dug up by a tractor and left by the side of the road in near Frommelle
Enjoying some Belgian Beer at Hooge Crater
Menin Gate Last Post Ceremony
Remembering the Fallen Tyne cot Cemetery 

Le Canberra Hotel Belgium

Tyne cot Cemetery 

Tired and emotional.

 The songs that were never written, the children and grandchildren that were never born, the devices that were never invented.  Oh the humanity.  War is a disgrace.  Testosterone has a lot to answer for.  Keep it in check boys.  So much chaos and waste, mismanagement and frivolity.  Australians appeared to have made many friends on their way to the Western Front.  What an honour just to know a tiny bit more.

  We are moved beyond belief.


  1. I can imagine the emotions you would be feeling. The look on your daughters face made me laugh. She is such a character x

  2. Hello Caro, thank you for taking me there. We saw the travelling exhibition about WW1 and was so glad the lids know some of this terrible story. Would love to visit as you have.


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