Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beauty and the Beach

On the weekend past, whilst the boys of the Beach House sailed their little hearts out for the last race of the season, or so Mr Beach House has promised, yeah right..... the girls, as usual, were pretty much left to their own devises. First we hit this great little cafe I am hanging out in lots at the moment.  I also waltzed in there on Friday arvo to find royal high teas the order of the day.  My exact words were, "Are we gunna rain on your parade if we just order coffee".  Very sweetly they were fine with that, even though I still had my gym gear on and didn't fit in at all with the 'tiara's at 20 paces' dress code.  So I reckon when they'll take you on in anything, I'm going back and so we did.

Madam butterfly, as Beach House Brat number 2 is often affectionately referred to, is fully into baby cinos.  Trouble is, I think she is hooked on the marshmallows that now seem to accompany them these days.  Woe betide any self respecting cafe that doesn't serve a lolly on the side when she is around.

But I must say, I just love sitting up at the bar with her drinking coffee.  It's almost a rite of passage.

After our little coffee stop we met the boys at the yacht club for the start of the race.  This one was a marathon, where the crew had to start running towards the skipper who was holding the boat waist deep in water.  Lots of fun but a debacle as boats get tangled up.  I guess the boat carnage is good for business.
On the way home, we had a quick play at the beach.  This next shot says it all.  She is very head strong and I have really met my match in her.  But she has decided she doesn't like to be naughty, so her behaviour is getting much better.  I decided a few months ago that I was not going to take her cr*p anymore. All related to the 'Year of Carolyn', that you can read about in the 'About Me' page if you want to know how I am getting my 'sanity' back.  Although it has taken lots of effort, I have been  alot harder on her and it has really paid off.  She was very hard to get and I was so scared of losing her, that from day one I let her get away with lots.  She now knows my limits and pretty well toes the line.  As with kiddo discipline I reckon my teaching background has come in real handy.  I know it's not a popularity contest and although it hurts when  the Beach House Brats are rude and revolting, I find if I set limits and stick to them, they come good.  We didn't go to the Royal Easter Show this year because they blew it.  Mean I know..... but when I tell them something is going to be denied they know I mean business. 

Woaw!!! That last paragraph was a little full on, but I'm leaving it in' as it's the truth.

So after the beach it was home to play around with some of the latest vintage finds.  This is a little corner of the Beach House that I haven't focused on yet.  I really need to recover the wing back and ottoman as they are the wrong colour for a taupe, red and navy room.  But sometimes you just have to break the matching rules.  I inherited this chair when my parents sold a vineyard they were going to retire to until my dad promptly died, 10 months in.  That was a big lesson in making it happen now and not working really hard and dying before you get to enjoy it. 

 My mum got a wing back too and she has covered hers in red vinyl and it really rocks I think.

 The original fabric on mine is in such good nick, I can't really bring myself to do it.
The old cane covered bottle was something my mother acquired off the side of the road over 50 years ago. I think when she was flatting as a fight attendant in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, before she married, . When I was a kid, it graced our hallway in bright orange with the top stuffed full of peacock feathers.  Woohoo!!!! Mum later painted it pale pink and has recently given it to me.  It  goes with the wing back so it's a keeper.  Not to mention the fact it was my mum's.

Then we come to this gorgeous painting I have recently added to the beach house decor. I can't read the signature, but I so love the scene.  I remember seeing one like it at a contents of  house auction many years ago.  The price was beyond me so that one went through to keeper.  This one is a faux oil painting, which from what I understand, is a print specially treated to look like an oil painting and it truly does.

Although it is an Edwardian scene I do believe it is painted in France.  It's sitting on my mantel at the moment as I just love to sit drinking my tea and looking at it.  It doesn't really go in the living room and will probably end up here in our bedroom.
but for now I love it were I can see it all the time.
It's so hard to believe people actually dressed like this for the beach.  Interestingly the family scenes of today are exactly the same. I love the terrace houses on the promenade and those skirted umbrellas are divine.
Now as I said it's not staying in this room but for now it's hangin' out on my mantel.
As for the pink shag pile rug.  I picked that one up on the side of the road. It hit the nappy san for several days and came up as new.  It's going in the girly bedroom make over eventually.

Just a little postscript on that little deco table I was talking about in my last post here. Mr Beach house absolutely loves it in it's new position.  His exact words were " I love it with none of your stuff on it, it's the perfect spot for my drink and newspapers"   Ho Hum!!!! He wishes.
Also thanks for all the comments and emails suggesting I paint the legs and lower part white and just wax the flower inlay.  I think I'll do just that!!! Oh and the flowers are not from my garden, but thanks for thinkng it was possible!!!!

Well there you have it.  I have revealed a little more of myself today than I expected.
Check ya soon
Best Carolyn
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  1. You made me laugh out loud again today. I so enjoy your blog. I love the painting. Thanks for showing the details. Little Miss Beach House Brat is adorable especially in those adorable pink pants at the beach.

  2. your little girl is gorgeous..enjoy every minute with her. they grow up fast.
    cheryl x

  3. Oo I love the little nook in your place and those paintings are gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with madam butterfly! :D

  4. LOVE those blue/white striped pillows on the bed. My favorite style. Looks heavenly :)

  5. They are so pretty. Happy Rednesday.

    Mine is here

  6. That shot on the beach, with the "strong current" sign, really does say it all! Little girls of that age can be so headstrong, and we really hate to break their spirit. Sounds like you're handling it all in just the right way!
    Happy REDnesday,

  7. What a sweet little girl! Everything looks so fun and pretty.

  8. And how does M. Butterfly react to the baby cino? Are they packed with caffeine and make her bounce off the walls, lol? She's a cutie!

  9. Love that painting! How sweet your coffee moments with your little one--too cute! Thanks for linking to my Share the Love link party!

  10. Such a precious post from that sweet child to your chair. My daughter has what I think is the twin to it down to the shape and the fabric. I love it! I also like that painting so much...my style. Happy Rednesday.

  11. Girl's Day is always such fun, I used to have them all the time with my granddaughter. Now she's 20 and, while still fun, is just not the same as when she was younger and loved anything her grandma did.

    Now, I have to tell you just how much I LOVE that painting! In my first year of blogging I did many, many vintage beach posts. I love the cabanas, huts and especially the bathing machines from the 1800s. While I would never dress like that for the beach, I adore reading and writing about it.

  12. I adore victorian and your picture is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a gorgeous little girl you have! I love the painting and the red chair is awesome. Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  14. I love your little pink corner, Carolyn. It is so cute & sweet. The new "oil" painting is just beautiful and it will be divine wherever you end up putting it. Your little one is so cute ;O)



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