Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day in France and a Brief Encounter

Last week Sharon over at My French Country Home was talking about French Men and how they are trained to be charming and learn to how please from birth.  She explained that the French Man takes great pleasure in complimenting women and this training usually begins with his maman.  It got me thinking and the comment I left on Sharon's blog was along these lines:

"One day in France, whilst driving around visiting little villages in the mountains, my husband, son and I, were met in the car park of a little Haute Provence village by a French and an English boy, who offered us a walking tour of their village. We gladly accepted and that brief encounter with them, is now a cherished memory. We ended up at the English boy's grand parents' holiday home. It turned out we had mutual friends in Australia. And whilst we were chatting away to the grandparents and being shown around their lovely little stone cottage, which straddled both sides of the mountain path, the little French boy excused himself saying he would be back shortly. He ran off and 15 minutes later he burst through the cottage door with a grin on his face from ear to ear. He stepped forward, pulled his hand from behind his back and handed me the the most stunning posy of beautifully arranged dried lavender. This French boy was about 10 and that gesture was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Le Frenchman in training was a truly wonderful experience to behold."

 It is that certain 'je ne sais quoi'  that makes La Belle France what she is.  A true study in the beauty of the human condition.  Vive La France on Bastille Day 2011!!!!!
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  1. What a beautiful memory to sustain while you wait for your return.

  2. how sweet ! wish I could travel there someday too

  3. So sweet! What a treasured memory and we are so glad you shared this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  4. Aw, the French train their boys well. My cousin is married to a French man. He actually came here as a teen, and was one of my brother's best friends (that's how she met him). He and his brother have always been gentleman, along with his dad and uncle. I've know them much of my life, and they never fail to compliment every time you see them :)
    Beautiful story!

  5. What a lovely story Carolyn, I think I would of been pleasantly shocked and flattered. What a tribute to his French mother x

  6. It is amazing isn't it, experiencing another culture through the children. What a lovely story! Thanks for linking it up!

  7. hi just found your blog so I am having a look at older comments,i must have got the wrong end of the stick regarding french men.i was married to one for 18yrs and he his brother and father were all aggorant rude dirty (didnt know what a bath was)and treated women as second now whenever i hear the french accent i cringe.i know all are not like that but 3 in one go -no thanks -dee

  8. forgot to say that i love your blog and i am now a new follower-dee


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