Thursday, July 7, 2011

Living by the Seasons

Last week I ran into a good friend of Mr Beach Houes' in the village.  He usually comes over for the State of Origin Football, which was on last night.  Now watching this football game is like watching paint dry for me but they love  it, so I thought lets make a night of it.  I asked our friend to come for dinner this time.  Usually he just turns up with a bottle of red and some dark chocolate after we've had dinner. 

So this time, why not dinner?  Now this guy is a sail maker and a great sewer as well, so I am guessing you know what's coming.  I asked if he would do some sewing for me. It's not that I can't sew, but I don't have a machine. I bought some tops at a closing down sale and one parted at the seams within a week.  I now have this lovely guy doing some mending for me.  Love it!!!!!  It's not the first time he has gone beyond the call for me.  He has fixed beach bag straps as well and he does it all with such willingness.

So in appreciation of his kindness, the Beach House Brat and I got to work preparing dinner.  It just had to be orange cake for desert, as we are up to pussy's bow with oranges here at the Beach House this week.  I used a Stephanie Alexander recipe and doubled the quantity.  Although it looks pretty, lets just say I won't be making it again.  It turned out like bread rather than a cake.  It was yummy, but  the result was unexpected and a little too heavy for me.  Not to worry, Mr Beach House has taken off with  the remainder of the cake this morning, to give the lads at work a thrill for smoko.

While the cake was cooking I set the table for dinner.  A simple affair as these lads are primarily interested in the game.  No table clothes here, as even though one of our guests will be doing my sewing this week, I have no intention of spending time getting his red wine stains out of my  grandmother's vintage table cloth.

I think the best feature of this tablescape it the centrepiece.  Yes more oranges I know, but these jonquils are hanging in there.  They must have been really fresh.  They needed something to hold them up in the vase and the oranges worked beautifully I think.

This liitle French tin bread basket is a new favourite which I purchased from Leah at My Home Atelier.  Leah has just opened her online store and has some wonderful pieces that you can view here.

 And what do you do whilst the cake is in the oven and you have the camera out?  You run around the back garden getting very excited about your first arum lily of the season, that's what.  This plant was nearly dead in a pot last year.  We built a new garden around our deck, a photo of which you can see at the top of my side bar. I was in need of some free plants to fill it up.  I planted the remains of the arum lily and it has taken off.  There are more buds so it looks like it's going to be a good season in more ways than one.

As for the main course it was a simple but popular affair.  This is the easiest meal ever.  To retain maximum moisture in the chook,  I cut a lime in half and place it in the cavity with three smashed cloves of garlic.  I salt the bird well and sprinkle over dried herbs.  I cook this for one hour and then add the vegetables for another 45 mins or until crisp.  Here I have potatoes, carrots, pumpkin cauliflower and eggplant.  I never add extra oil, I just roll the vegies in the pan juices.

This is one time when I always use orgainc.  It just tastes fantastic.  Even Mr Beach House notices the difference.
I promise no more posts about oranges or jonquils, but this is a blog about what is going on at the Beach House and surrounds.  Oranges and jonquils are in high season and so I am giving you what I've got.


  1. pussy bow! how many oranges do you have and where are you storing them!!!
    those lilly things grow wild near creeks here..I KNOW how cool is that. Cake looks yum, even if it was bready. sooo fancy a fresh glass of juice as I type this. love as always ms mills (google wont let me sign in)

  2. Gee, I'm hungry! Love the photo of your lily.

  3. Wow that chicken looks so good and I have just had lunch. Shame about the cake but still looks good to me x

  4. Your oranges looks so yummy and juicy. Here in Florida, we are known for our citrus, especially oranges. The last couple of years the winters have been so cold that most of the crop was destroyed and what did manage to survive tasted awful.

    As for your chicken recipe, I already saved it to try. It looks so delicious and I have one in the freezer and some delicious lemons I'll substitute the lime with. What really caught my eye was your addition of pumpkin, I love roasted pumpkin as a side dish, but never thought to add it with my chicken.

    Oh, and I am so with you on the football thing. When I married my second husband the condition was that he only watch sports out in the guest house. Probably why the marriage didn't work out, lol.

  5. So sorry bout the football, but hey it's worth it to get someone to sew for you! the cake does look good , as does the hen.. many blessings, marlis

  6. Know you served veggies, but cannot stop staring longingly at that orange cake!
    xo Cathy

  7. I think the football and the sewing was an excellent trade off! I hope he does a good job for you as your meal looks wonderful! What a treat! What a shame about the looks fantastic!


  8. How good is that, getting a man to sew for you!! Pity the cake didn't turn out as expected, because it sure looks delicious and dinner made my mouth water. Simple dishes are often the best, don't you think? Have a great day! Leahxx

  9. Beautiful natural produce of the season and delicious hearty winter recipes. Yum, when are we coming for dinner! :)

  10. Awesome meal..looks so yummy! The cake looks god too. Simple meals are always the best. Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Happy weekend!

  11. Carolyn,
    You so got my attention with the orange cake and the chicken! That looks fabulous! I am trying that chicken. We have a organic store in town and I have never bought one but, I will break down for this recipe. I love how you decked out that orange cake. Fantastic! Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  12. Making me hungry! Oranges and jonquils are the best :)

  13. Hi Carolyn, I just love seeing and hearing about the "everyday" around the world. Your jonquils and lily are just beautiful and your feast looks oh so delish!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration in your life with all of us at VIF!
    xo Debra

  14. What yummy looking food. Wish I could come for a visit. Your beaches and country look so inviting and your water is so blue. Love your blog ~ newest follower.

  15. I'd be figuring out how to talk the sail maker into stitching a tablecloth for my table. What a wonderful treat...and speaking of treats....your creation looks delicious. Thank you for sharing. Cherry Kay


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