Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boys Night In

 This bucket of oranges arrived at the Beach House on Monday. Personally grown by my darling mother.  Not only is she hosting the Beach House Brat for the first week of the school holidays, whilst he is doing an acting course up her way, but she has provided us with a bounty of  her organic home grown loveliness.
So I have asked around town amongst my organic loving friends, 'Who would like a few to add to their fruit basket this week?'  And with the remainder I have been pouring over my cooking encyclopedias intending to cook up a storm.

Most recipes only take one or two oranges though so we will be eating lots of oranges this week.  The second Beach House Brat is bugging me for one now, so I had better go and attend her.

I love how nature works.  These lovely things are in season during the cold and flu season.  Although it's not proven, vitamin C is a great fighter against said illnesses.  Just beautiful how it all goes together.

Please note my Jonquils in the background of this shoot....thanks Leah for confirming their correct spelling.... are still going strong in the standing position over there next to the yacht.  You will remember I said they only last for a few days like this, but these babies must have been real fresh, as they are still upright.  Remember them here

Well I'm off to the gym so I can loose some calories in preparation for tonight's dinner.  It's football night at the Beach House and I have a crew of men to feed.  I bet you're guessing orange cake is on the menu.  Right again!!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with the recipe and a review of all the red wine and chocolate stains on my couch.Yikes!!!!
Also thanks for all the lovely comments and extra tips on my 'marriage' post and Ms Mills glad you are reading along every day. Would you mind sending me an email.  Your email address has slipped out of the memory of my computer....Haven't sent you an email for such a long time, I've obviously been  too busy working on my marriage.
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  1. We are looking forward to organic oranges off our tree this year. We don't have any plums 'cause it didn't freeze this past winter.

  2. they look like lovely oranges! i enjoyed that burst of citrus colour too.
    cheryl x

  3. What a blessing it would be to have access to your own oranges.

  4. Orange you smart to post about this fragrant citrusy goodness! Beautiful pictures.


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