Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Daze At The Beach House

As the days flash by in Christmas chaos, here's whats been happening out amongst it. 

Glad to see there was some style in the playground this week. The lovely band mums decorated the table beautifully at the Inaugural Band Breakfast Concert. These vases of white hydragea where placed at intervals amongst the hot coffee, yummy home baked muffins and fruit platters. Definitely made it worth the 7.15am start. For once Mr Beach House couldn't use work as an excuse to miss this one.  Even he doesn't go to work that early!!!!

I've taken a few fabulous walks this week. Hey I'll get to heaven anyway I can!!!!! Especially if it involves the ocean.

Or beautiful flowers when you look up into a magnificent Summer sky.

This yellow door did it for me as I walked by.

 And here are my three fav Christmas trees in the high street of my little seaside suburb,

Wood tied together with twine

A crazy palm frond

and shoes on a tree.

Some Christmas shopping in the local toy store.  The owner must have already met the Beach House Brats.

Intimate dining by candle light. We announced our engagement to our families in front of that fireplace all those years ago.

The true meaning of life and a fabulous little bookshop as well.

 Every suburb in Sydney seems to have one, a street where all the houses light up and the residents party on the street each night of the month of December, glass of wine in hand laughing and carrying on, secretly trying to out do each other.

Kids' heads popping out of sunroofs on same said street

Rudolf and friends

Chinese pyjamas

Cross cultural fusion.....French roll with chops sticks.

Shooting shiny boats for Mr Beach House's website

Wearing red dresses to see Santa

Waiting for him to deliver

Squealing with joy when he does.

Excitement at a first ever haircut.  It's only been three and a half years but I hate how the blondest bits at the end get cut off.

A blogger is a voyeur into her own life.  I would dearly love to be able to delve into the lives of my great grand relatives and check out the subtleties.  I wonder if my descendants will feel the same!!!!
Today I am partying here


  1. i love the shops in your suburb!! so inspiring. love that tree made out of sticks and the palm thingy decorated. the hydrangea is gorgeous too.

  2. Wonderful pictures. My girl hasn't cut her hair before either.. she's already 2.5 yrs old :) I'll see how long we can wait before we bring her for her first hair cut :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I LOVE that you linked up to "Meet Me Monday"! I am your new follower and hope to catch up on some of your posts! It is so nice to meet you! Love, Me

  4. Oh my, I feel as if I have been on vacation. That is a beautiful little girl so angelic looking. Love your blog. Please come see me at Hibiscus House anytime.

  5. Aww...thanks for sharing some of the special moments in your life! And...I'm jealous of your warmth and greenery at Christmas! It's cold here in Canada! xo

  6. Carolyn love the sign you showed us - what a great way to people to watch their children!!! Darling little girl you have!

  7. GReat chrissy decorating in your town. Thanks for sharing the moments in your life. Leahx

  8. Oh a tree with shoes? My idea of Christmas!! I love the toy store sign as well. Looks like you live in a lovely corner of the world x

  9. I love the stairway to heaven sign... so lovely. And that sounds like a fun holiday street!

  10. I'm still laughing about the free espresso and kitty!

  11. What a fabulous weekend you have had. I love that Santa he looks like the real jolly old deal. Thanks for linking up hun - coffee in the New Year sounds divine. xxx

  12. Your blog is wonderful and I'd be happy to follow you, but do not know how to do that - please tell!

  13. What a lovely chatty post, I so enjoyed catching up with what's been happening at the beach house this week.

  14. So fun and festive! Love the shoe tree! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  15. What a fun post with so much happiness. :) Your area is so festive and beautiful and I love the trees and that cozy dining place. We went and looked at lights this weekend as well but there were no heads popping out of windows at 20 degrees. :)

  16. Santa must be sweatin' in that suit! All those little kiddies are in sundresses and shorts! It's amazing how Christmas is celebrated around the world. :)a new follower, andrea@townandprairie

  17. Ok.. you got me at the "EAT SURF READ"
    Need to concoct that one for myself!!!
    Fab post and you had me smiling!!!
    Gypsea Nurse

  18. ok... then again... the road sign got me going too!!

  19. Happy Holidays to you and your family

  20. oh, the sweet little girl in the kimono PJs is so adorable! and that WARNING sign, now that just made me LOL - best moment of this day for me ;) I needed the laugh.


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