Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gift Tags and Wrapping Nordic and Coastal Style

Well we're getting to the business end of the season and my glue gun is working over time now.  It's wrapping day at the Beach House, that is in between my cruise director roll, as the 6 week school holiday break began in earnest this week.

Mr Beach House also came through for the 10 year wedding anniversary, which is today ( we are going out to dinner sans Beach House Brats) and he organised it on his own (gulp), baby sitter and all, so I decided to make his presents look real pretty. 

I made some very easy gift tags using the left over ribbon, Christmas fabric and tiny shells that made their way into the scoop I bought for the Beachy lantern.  The gift tags are just the backside of the Ikea tags.  Just as an aside, I have to say Ikea's paper wrapping rolls are great (read value for money).  Each one has 8 metres on it.  Not like the others that run out after two gifts.  I did run out of tape though, so make sure you have heaps if you are leaving the wrapping to late Christmas eve.

I'm not going to bore you with major how tos here as the shots speak for themselves.  All I'll say is that after all this Christmas crafting I have learned two things. One, you must have a very good and sharp pair of scissors.  I got through the whole season with some hopelessly blunt ones, but only just.  And two, the absolute power of PVA glue.  Love it!!!!!

I haven't crafted for years, but I have found it very therapeutic and have loved your responses to it.  I plan to do lots more coastal crafting in the new year.  My other goal is to make this baby pay.  You'll note I am now a Nuffnang blogger, what ever that means, I plan to read the terms and conditions during the break. It's the lawyer in me. Then I'll wait to see what happens next!!!!  I hate to have sold out a little to commercialism as this blog started out as a little historical electronic diary of my trials in motherhood ( which basically by the way, I think I suck at).  No sympathy comments please.....I know the truth!!!!!!

But as you know we are on the boards of our bum here at the Beach House. The boat building business has been decimated by Chinese manufacturing and  as I don't want to return to lawyering or teaching, I have to up scale a little. Not sure where that will take me or even if it will happen but I'll be trying as usual, to pull my weight!!!

I think I've got one more post in me before Christmas, but if I don't get off my butt, Christmas won't be coming to the Beach House.  Just want to say my difficulty in deciding whether to have a Nordic or coastal style Christmas continues to bite, hence the two different styles of wrapping.  I have mixed and matched here and I'm sure you get the drift!!!!  Kinda like somewhere on the coast of Sweden.

I hear the patter of tiny feet down the hall, so have to shoot through. Check out my twit pics in the side bar if you want to see how my cruise director skills have panned out this week. Click  to enlarge them. I'm still a complete a ditz when it comes to social media but this one actually worked for me. Woo Hoo!!!

Oh and My Too Easy Christmas series continues to grow, if you are new here you may want to have a look.  The link is at the top of my side bar or go here  for some simple and quick Christmas ideas and recipes.
Don't forget to check put the fabulous Seaside Style interiors book give away I've got going on here
 See ya Beautiful people!!!!

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  1. Your Christmas gifts are a work of art. Crafting must come easier to you than you think!

    Did you post the pretty little marshmallows topped with peppermint? I am making them and want to give credit.

    Happy Holidays to you!


  2. Loving all your Christmas crafting plus all the yummy goodies you have shared over the past couple of weeks. Heaps of inspiration for Christmases to come. Have a wonderful Christmas Carolyn and here's to lots of Nuffang success in 2012! ;)Sharyne

  3. Oh my all your tags are super adorable! The shell one is extra special. Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now Happy holiday! My

  4. I have loved your Christmas crafting - thank you! I even tackled some of the material baubles and they look great. ;-)

  5. Those are lovely Carolyn! Beautiful job and I love them in the CocaCola box! xo

  6. The little shell tree tag is so adorable!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  7. You DEFINITELY have a Nordic theme going on, Carolyn. The red and white paper looks great contrasted against the brown, and your hand-crafted tags are terrific!

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday this week. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas...and happy 10th anniversary! ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  8. I really admire your creativity. Those gift tags are so pretty.

  9. Wish I had one of your gift tags on my ...super cute!!!

    Merry Christmas,

  10. how gorgeous! love how you did the white ribbon with string and the gift tags : ) merry christmas to you and your family!

  11. Beautiful ideas and fabulous pictures.

    Merry Christmas!
    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  12. Kelly @ Craft Until Your Art's ContentDecember 23, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    The tags look very effective. I love the shells.

    Merry christmas


  13. What great tags and wrapping!

    Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season!

  14. oh these are just too wonderful ... such a clever idea and you have made them perfectly ... super duper work .. hugz for xmas x

  15. Love, Love, Love, your coastal wrapping ideas..I am all about the beach even this time of year!


  16. Carolyn your gift tags are fabulous! I love each design. They are ALL so very pretty. Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Lovely!!! You've got quite the talent for packaging.

  18. Each gift tag is a beautiful gift in that!

    Merry Christmas, sweetie. Thanks for linking up this delightful post.


  19. Love all the red and white! So clean and refreshing!
    Your cards are adorable and thank you for the tip of pvc glue.
    Have a warm and wonderful Merry Christmas!
    ♥ Jil

  20. What a clever and super cute idea. Please share this awesome post by joining our linky party, What's it Wednesday this week. I hope you can join us. Have a fabulous Christmas!


  21. The tags are beautiful as well as the wrapping. Have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow.

  22. Just love all that red and white, thanks for linking up great inspiration at VIF! Merry Christmas, xo

  23. Those are adorable. You did a great job! Thanks for linking up to my newbie party. I have no problem with your giveaway being linked. I did however, opt out as I would rather another gal win. I win a lot and get freebies all the time:)

  24. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for the invite...haven't looked at my comments in months, but i did today and I'm taking it as a message and it's a good thing I did because I'm enjoying your beautiful blog very much -

    Great Ideas -


  25. Cute tags. Happy Holidays to you!

  26. Wow, such fabulous wrapping and the shell tags are gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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