Friday, December 2, 2011

White Chocolate Mini Christmas Trees and A Life Changing Visit To The Doctor

Well December has arrived in all its sparkly glory and it all feels official.  I now feel free to construct the Christmas tree, put on the reindeer ears and scream head on into this crazy and completely lovable season.  I've had a crazy week.  Not least of which, involved a visit to a specialist doctor, which cost me close to $700. Just go with me here, if you are primarily tuning in for the recipe and don't want a chuckle at my rotten luck, just scroll to the bottom for it.

If I wasn't such a happy go lucky person, I think I would probably sue.  It all started like this.  The General Practitioner, I had consulted for 20 years, recently retired.  So I was in need of a new GP.  Preferably a woman and a little closer to home, than the one I dutifully trusted and visited across town for the last two decades.  Accordingly, I sought a new one out about 2 weeks ago.  I was telling her all about my medical history and handed her a note, which my previous doctor had given me upon her retirement.  The note described her diagnosis of my chronic problem.  I nonchalantly asked the new quack for a prescription that I had  always been given, that seemed to control the symptoms to a degree.  She point blank said,  'No.  That's not a diagnosis and I'm not going to prescribe something for you without a proper diagnosis'.  She recommended the Australian Guru in this area and I reluctantly agreed, as I really needed this prescription, that always made my condition livable.

The long and short of it is, I saw the guru yesterday.  He said that it was indefensible that this had gone on for 19 years without a referral to a specialist.  He has changed the treatment and I have to tell you I have had more relief in 24 hours than I have had in 19 years.  I feel like an utter fool for not pushing to see a specialist, but I just accepted that it was incurable and had to be maintained. He said it would be gone in three weeks, so I await with great antisipation.  I thought he was going to tell me I had cancer....I know it's a little over the top, but it had been getting much worse lately, and I have a tendency to think the worst. So after yesterday I feel like I can handle anything. 

So I had both my kiddos home today, as the big one was sick.......(dragged them both to the Doctors yesterday as well.......aaaarrrrgh). A girlfriend and her two babes came over and we put up the Christmas tree to celebrate the beginning of the season.  I made these cute little mini ice cream cone white chocolate Christmas trees to compliment our impromptu party and my lucky break. It was a little stressful, as the littlest kiddos started unwrapping faux present decorations, only to reveal little square foam fillers, but after yesterday, I am on somewhat of a high and it seems not to matter anymore.

The pistol resting on the shoulder of the littlest Beach House Brat is a metaphor for the chaos that ensued at the Beach House during the ceremonial raising of the Christmas tree for 2011.  She looks like she's thinking Ok Big Brother, what have you got in store for me now!!!!!!  You can just make out the mess to the right of the shot.  I edited out the worst of it. 

I got this idea at halloween, when someone brought a plate of witches' hats to the party.  I decided to replace the dark chocolate for white and turn them into Christmas trees

I showed up to the play group Christmas party with a platter of these last year and I have to tell you they were the star of the show.  They were woofed down in nano seconds. 

White Chocolate Mini Christmas Trees

1 packet of mini ice cream comes (mine had 28 cones)
400g or 2 blocks of White cooking chocolate
100 g butter
cashous, hundred of thousands or the like, to decorate

Melt chocolate and butter in a bain marie, stirring constantly.  Place in the fridge for 15- 20  minutes to cool but don't allow to set. Dip each cone into the chocolate mixture and drain off excess.  If the Chocolate mixture becomes too stiff micro wave for 5 seconds to soften.  There can be a slight problem with gravity here particularly if you are using heavier decorations.  As the mixture cools it becomes thicker and easier to work with for pressing the decorations into the chocolate. Hundreds of  Thousands would most likely be a better option, as they are lighter, but I haven't used them yet.  Whatever your choice of adornment,  patience is the key here.  It is worth the effort and I guarantee the kiddos will think you are a domestic genius.

I have mine sitting in the freezer, the chocolate  trees that is,  but I guess the the fridge would be fine as well.

And if you are in the southern hemisphere this Christmas and will be sweltering at your party instead of gathering around a roaring fire, you could fill them with softened ice cream and then refreeze.

Merry Christmas everyone and don't forget to go to my Too Easy Christmas page for simple Christmas ideas with the wow factor, guaranteed to enhance the Domestic Goddess within.

Today I am partying here


  1. White Chocolate Christmas Trees get my attention in a bug hurry! Your little ones are adorable! I will be checking out your easy Christmas page too!

    Thank you for linking this wonderful post to Potpourri Friday!

  2. What adorable photos-every one, especially of the kiddos.

  3. Great idea for Christmas cooking with kids. I hope your condition is resolved and you are on your way to good health. Have a great weekend! Leahx

  4. Those trees look SO cute!! I have to give these a try!

    I am so glad that you have made progress with your condition since seeing a specialist. here, we are always referred to a specialist for anything and everything. I sort of like that.

    Happy Holidays to you! The little ones are darling!


  5. Ohhh the beach house brats are just sooo cute. I just showed my kids your trees and I have now been made to promise I will give them a go over the weekend. Thanks hun :)
    Your tree look beautiful as I knew it would.
    Have a great weekend. xxx

  6. I love everything about this post just awesome. It really is a special time of year I love getting ready and spending it with the little ones. hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  7. I had to chuckle at the thought of Beach House Brats in the freezer!
    Wonderful news about the new treatment, sounds like Christmas came early for you.

  8. How cute are those trees!!! So glad you are having some relief and feeling better. I pray it continues to get better :)

  9. The white chocolate trees are too cute. Happy to hear you are feeling better ... a Christmas gift for you! Happy Seasonal Sunday!

  10. The white chocolate trees look like a child's delight.


  11. Mmmmm - these look so delish! And some cute kids there, too!

  12. Hope you're okay and everything is under control with your health. Have to say I'm always a bit sceptical of GPs these days, and always insist on being referred to a specialist for just about anything. Having said that I still don't have any answers about my heartburn that has been diagnosed by specialists over years as nothing but GORD and the tablets don't do anything and after 20 years I'm still suffering. Ho hum. Hope you're all sorted now. Kids and tree just gorgeous.

  13. How wonderful that you are finally getting relief from something that you have been suffering through for 19 years! And those trees are so festive, so FUN!
    Happy REDnesday,

  14. The mini trees look cute, and I'm sure they're tasty too!


    Sing a song of scarlet—
    Red on Christmas morn!
    Sing a song of scarlet—
    Blue is so forlorn!
    Sing a song of scarlet—
    Red for girls and boys!
    Sing a song of scarlet—
    Look at all those toys!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Leaf and Red Mary

  15. Great easy idea for the kids to help out in the kitchen. Thank you!

  16. Hi I just found your page and have been reading with interest, I'm an Australian living in Paris - we are heading home to our Holiday House at Apollo Bay Victoria next week for a month so I'm going to give some of your cooking ideas a go - Hey and if you do get a chance to come live here we love it cheers Sue


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