Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm a Fan of the Man

Nothing like a bit of bling bling to show you love him on Valentines, or any other day for that matter. Not
sure if this one will last the rigours of the dishwasher though!!!! It's a little bit like my marriage, teetering between rather hot and very rocky......but it's the thought that counts.

This little project was so easy, I managed to make it whilst talking on the phone to a girlfriend. I've got multi tasking on a Monday down to a fine art here at the Beach House. No one lifts a finger with regards to domestic duties over the weekend. The Beach House crew head off in their respective directions first thing Monday morning and I am left holding the domesticity bag. You could say I do rather more than my fair share of household duties around here, but there are just some things you need a man for, so apart from the odd grumble at my end, I am very happy to divide the labour into women's work and men's work.

Yes siree,  call me old fashioned, but there is no getting away from the fact, no matter how much we don't like it,  when things turn to poop in the physical world, the technical brain and the muscle of a man cannot be replaced by girl power, in any way what so ever.
And something happened to us on Saturday night that confirmed this for me and made me say 'I am a fan of the man' in more ways than one.

We got a dinner invitation to friends on Saturday night, two streets away......the best sort of invitation I think. You know the kind..... casual BBQ, bring the kids, come early and have a few laughs with your oldest and best mates.  It was the usual bun fight to get the four of us in the car, looking respectable, with salad to go and alcoholic contribution in hand. It was hot and I was stressed.

I said to Mr Beach House, as we pulled out of the driveway, 'We just need to get there and have a drink and all will be well'. I also said, 'Did you bring some Rose?' 

A sheepish 'No' was the reply. 

'Well my little chickadee', I retorted rather bluntly,  'I only drink once in a blue moon these days and tonight's the night baby doll and couldn't you have thought as you were grabbing the six pack of beer for yourself,  to throw in a bottle of rose for your darling wife.  You know that would be me, the resident slave, who does practically everything for you.  Hello I'm over here, did you notice?!!!!!'

 I continued 'I'm in charge of the domestics and I fully accept that I have to trudge around doing the yucky in house stuff, but you my dear darling boy, are in charge of the drinks and making sure the rose is on hand and you are telling me the cupboard was bare?'  

 'Well yes, I drank it all last week.' 

What is it with men and making sure their needs are met and forgetting about anyone else?

But God love him, after a prod, he stopped at the bottlo on the way, to attend to his sommelier duties, and all resumed being well with the world....Or so I thought.

 Sydney is very hilly place. We arrived at said  best friends' house on the side of a hill. We have been there a million times before, but combine poorly constructed curbs with a lot of recent rain and you have the scenario for what happened next. Mr Beach House dropped the kiddos and I off at the top of the drive way, with the intention of rolling back to park on the shoulder.  By allowing me to exit on terra firma, he clearly still loves me and has my best interests at heart.  I mean if I stepped over a cliff upon alighting the car, he'd have to take me to hospital wouldn't he?
As he rolled back the shoulder gave way. He had gone off the side of the hill and was bogged. Couldn't go forward and if he went back, I would now be a widow.  The car was teetering and I just about turn to water with this kind of thing. I had visions of the car rolling over the cliff, with him in it and crushing me and the Beach House Brats in the process, standing on the drive below.

It was a perilous situation, the other guests had turned up by this stage, we tried to push the car out, but it wouldn't budge.  Neighbours were out on the street by now.  Mr Beach House bumped into an old school buddy and finally things started to look up.  The wheel was dug out, a four wheel drive was brought into play and as sailors, there is always oodles of good quality rope hanging around. The car was pulled out and finally, lets just say I got that drink.   The one I had fought so hard for.  And as I swished that beautiful wine between my lips and felt the stress that had been building since home, leave my body, all I could think was I'm a fan of the man.  Not only Mr Beach House, my muse, my funny Valentine, my rock,  but a fan of all men....... us women need you, like it or not!!!!! 

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  1. I ado your simple V-Day mug! So easy but glam! I actually pinned it to my Pinterest board too. Love it!

    As for the near-tragic car-bogging. OMG! Thank goodness for males and their brawn and problem-solving! xx

  2. What a great Valentine's story! The mug is right up my craft way. Easy! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. They definitely come in handy. I must say, I'm a fan of the man!! Leahx

  4. What an exciting Valentine's story! Love the mug......maybe even filled with rose!

  5. yep, sometimes you do need them! simple idea :)

  6. Agreed! I think we all need each other though too!

  7. This is so clever! I'd love for you to share this at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon:)

  8. Oh my what an eventful night lol. Im so glad nothing seriosu happened though and you got to enjoy that Rose at long last. I was laughing as I read this because my Hubby is exactly the same. He comes home with a 6 pack and empty for moi. :) very cute cup. You HAVE to get a photo of Mr Boat house drinking his coffee out of that gorgeous sparkly cup. Will he be taking it to the factory? ;) xxx

  9. Such a simple and creative idea! New Linky Follower - hope you can pop on over soon!

  10. I browsed through your site and there is so much beautiful inspiration everywhere on here! I look forward to reading more and being inspired :)

    I am a new follower form the LF blog hop and hope you get a chance to stop by My Road to Savings

  11. cute!!!! now following through facebook!!!

    come visit me! I did a coffee cup for my man too!!

  12. i'm a fan of my man too. great mug, popping over from Potpourri Friday and sending Hugs and happy weekend wishes. xo

  13. Ah, life is full of it's ups and downs. Glad all turned out well.

    - The Tablescaper


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