Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Bunny Cupcakes and Motherhood Manoeuvres

'It has to be pink mummy and I'm not wearing that'.  Those were the Beach House Brats words to me as I tried to squeeze her head and long blonde locks twirled around her head into her swimming cap, just before her lesson on Saturday. Her swimming teacher has been hassling me to get a cap ever since we started there and that was what I came up with....a white one.  Who'd of guessed it had to be pink.   To successfully crown her, I really needed to stick my chin on the top of her head to hold the hair in place, so I could use both hands to manouvre the cap over what seemed at the time,  like a very large head. To make this cap go on, I really also needed to hook my leg around her body, to hold her still so the force needed to get the stupid thing onto her head wouldn't push her over the edge and into the pool.

Motherhood is so like what I am now calling 'The swimming cap manoeuvre'.  Attempting the impossible with only 2 hands.  I eventually asked another mum, until then unknown to me, to help with the cap.  I mean that's how us mums get by right, with a little help from our friends? Or in this case a complete stranger! 

With white swimming cap firmly in place all I could say was  'Sorry 'bout the colour babe, but you'll just have to suck it up'.!!!!!  I mean what the heck is wrong with white anyway?  What have you got against white and why can't you wear it on your head for half an hour?  What's the big deal I was thinking!!!! 

 'I am just so not in the mood for this.' she replied.  I laughed to myself and thought, and you think I am.  It seems I have been watching my own children swim up and down a pool for way too many years.  I call the Big Beach House Brat's freestyle action, the 2 million dollar stroke, because that's what it seems to have cost us to get this far  and even after all that dosh, it's still apparently not quite right. What's it going to take? Yet another million, I guess!

Ain't motherhood grand????  Well despite it feeling alot like a collection of little stuff ups and disasters alot of the time, actually yes, I think it is. The other day I was driving the kiddos to school, ranting to myself really, about how the blogging technology I am currently using, isn't working for me.  During the one way conversation, I threw in a line about feeling like just throwing in the towel and ending the blogging chapter of my life, then and there.  I didn't really mean it, but that's how I felt at the time.  Until that point my son had sat there in silence, looking out the window.  I didn't even think he was listening.  But straight away, his response to my throw away line, was a resounding 'NO!' very loudly and definitively.  I was shocked and interested to know why he was so concerned that I should not give it up. Did he like saying his mum was a blogger?   No!!!!

Did he like it that when I published that vlog of his description of his first bus ride home and his You Tube account got lots more hits than usual?  Well yes, but apparently that's not the reason either!!!!!

Was it the baking?  The fact that the kiddos now get to eat lots more lollies and cakes than they ever did before I started coming here and writing about our lives at the Beach House.  Well kind of yes, but that's not the real reason either!!!!

Well what on earth could it be?  I asked him what precisely pleases him about the fact that I am glued to a screen lots of the time, that we seem to be later for all our appointments post blogging arriving at the Beach House and that he has to fight me for the computer so much more these days.  And you know what he said, which made me think he was just about the sweetest little boy on the planet.   'It makes you happy mum.' 

What insight, what empathy, what absolute gorgeousness.  He then went on to say that  'Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever.'  Apparently the ex army school band master throws that one around alot and it obviously stuck with the Beach House Brat. 

If we weren't in bumper to bumper traffic and going so slowly at that point, I doubt I'd be here to tell the tale, as his incite just blew me away.  Why on earth was I worrying about blogging?  It was a beautiful day, my children can be so fabulous and there is so much to be thankful for and I reminded myself to get a little perspective.  It is at these moments, I realise why I love my children so very dearly and why I spend the best part of my life doing all the mundane motherhood tasks which seem so thankless and slave like at the time.

Because my kids, like I'm sure your kids too, are beautiful people, who are so worth putting the effort into, to help grow into the fabulous adults, I'm am certain they will become.  Raising kids is the hardest task I've ever undertaken and although the dramas are constant and the work load feels mountainous, so does the love and feeling of completeness that they bring to my life.  And if they weren't around,  Easter would be just another little 4 day break.  With kids it's just so much more fun.  For one I would never have discovered the joy I get out of decorating seasonal themed cupcakes like these Easter Bunny faces.

There were the Too Easy Reindeer cookies at Christmas and I thought I'd give these guys a go for Easter.

So here's what you'll need.
 12 white regular sized marshmallows
24 small pink marshmallows for the eyes
12 red button type lollies for the nose
Black writing icing 
24 small white marshmallows for the teeth
Extra pink marshmallows for the inside ears

I cut the large white marshmallows in half  and squeezed them at each end to make the ear shape.  I cut smaller sections of pink marshmallow and squeezed them at each end the same as the whites.  
I pushed the white bits into the frosting sticky side up.  The pink bits stuck easily  to the white.  
I made this bunny without teeth and Mr Beach House thought it looked like a cat, but I left it plain so you can choose which way you want to go.  Teeth or not!!

I'm trying to sell all my baby stuff and a new mum to be, came around to the Beach House to check it out.  She saw these cakes sitting on the bench and admired them.  I looked at her baby bump and said you've got it all in front of you darling.  The poor girl  hasn't got a clue what she's in for and she shouldn't have either.  The less you know  about the motherhood club before it happens, the better I reckon.  It is a work in progress with its ups and downs.  These days I am worried about driveways and swimming pools and in the future those worries will morph into concerns about sex, drugs and rock and roll.  So not easier, just different.  I wouldn't even say the good outweighs the bad in this game, but when you get the good, it is just so priceless, that it keeps you going til the next time.  So until next time ladies!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week 
Today I am partying here


  1. Love this post C- that's exactly how I feel- and my lovely 3 often say...Mum, blogging makes you so happy!
    I didn't even realised they'd noticed I really do it!
    My 13 yr old often reads my posts on her school laptop between her homework- I love that she does it, without the need for me to even know...

    Great post- your kids sound divine!

    Melissa x

  2. Kids know what to see at just the right time!

    The cupcakes are cute!

  3. swimming classes were something i took my kids to til they were old enough to refuse to do endless laps. my son thanked me for it recently. it really builds their strength & fitness & i'm sure it helped him become a good rower for his high school.
    it's nice that your son cares about what makes you happy. the cupcakes are very cute!

  4. I have only been away from the computer a week, but coming here feels like I am coming home. Your kids are just beautiful little souls hun and you should be very proud of yourself as it is you that has taught them and raised them to be that caring and thoughtful. Those special moments are the ones I believe you will cherish forever.
    Oh and the fabulous cupcakes??? Love them, your halo just got a little extra bling he he. xxx

  5. Out of the mouth of babes, right? ;)

    Your cupcakes are so cute!

  6. Never having been blessed myself I can't really relate to this post, but it sounds to me as if you're doing a very good job of raising those BB's of yours!

  7. Those cupcakes are adorable! I love the teeth. Your insight hits home. I often feel like parenting is way more than I anticipated, but it's the little things that make it all worth it. I'd love it if you shared this at Whimsy Wednesdays at We go live Tuesday night at 8 EST. I'm following via LF.

  8. What a wonderful post my dear BHG. You are so right in so many ways. It is such a journey and a difficult one at times but so worth it. It is the toughest job that one can ever love.
    Love your cupcakes, so sweet!

  9. Cute cute cupcakes...thanks for sharing them at my party.


  10. What a lovely post Carolyn! Your kids are beautiful little people, I'm sure you're so proud of them! I'm not sure when the hubby and I will 'take the plunge' into parenthood, but with stories like yours I'm looking forward to it, hard work and all! :) xo K

  11. Unreal cute. I love it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Those cupcakes are so cute!!!!

  13. Gorgeous cupcakes and what a sweet story , love your son's observations about you bloggin, what a sensitive and astute little guy.

  14. What gorgeous Easter inspiration - those cupcakes are amazing!

  15. What cute bunny cupcakes. I love them. Jodi @

  16. LOL "It has to be pink"!! When my daughter was 3 she would refuse to get dressed each morning unless everything was the same colour. So we had to have socks, underwear, dresses, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, etc all matching. It made my life hell for a few weeks until i decided to keep everything pink in view and to slowly lose the other colours so she could only choose pink. This phase lasted for about 6 months.
    Now she asks me "Why am I wearing pink in every photo of me when I was three?" KIDS!

  17. HOw cute:) I love them, they look tasty:)

  18. Adorable and I bet yummy, too!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and link up to my Creative Inspirations party happening now! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  19. This looks so cute. I would love for you to drop by My Dream Canvas as well :-) I’m visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays. Really like your blog.

  20. What a beautiful story! You're so lucky to have such a sweet son. :)
    And I love your cupcakes - the teeth are adorable!

  21. What a grand son to say something so sweet...and insightful!
    The cupcakes made me smile and I DO think they look like bunnies :)

  22. Your cupcakes are adorable but your little girl is even more so! Motherhood is the very best job on earth ..enjoy every moment as they grow up so fast.

  23. Those cupcakes are gorgeous! I love the camellias too. I just picked a few from my garden as well!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  24. Fun and Beautiful!

    Visiting a little late for Pink Saturday. My entry is a product of creativity. Have a great weekend!

  25. So super cute. I will be featuring these tomorrow from the Bunny Blog Hop.

  26. I love the bunny cupcakes! Unfortunately my oven isn't working, so I am going to pin these to try making next year. Thanks for sharing these with us:)


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