Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Baskets and Easter No Bake Treats, to Fill Them With

Only 8 more sleeps, give or take, depending on which time time zone you are reading from and the Easter Bunny will come a knockin'.  Here's a cute activity to keep the kiddos entertained and get them into the spirit, in the meantime.  Have them decorate some biscuits in the style of Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny faces.

These are arrowroot biscuits, unique to Australia I believe, but any egg (round) shaped biscuits would do.

Make some simple white icing with icing sugar and water. Ice the biscuit, sprinkle with coconut and decorate, using lollies such as licorice, chocolate chips and marshmallows.

For the eggs, load up 2 clip lock bags with hundreds and thousands. Snip a small corner out of each bag and pipe the sprinkles onto the iced biscuit to decorate as shown.

We made these at the Little Beach House Brat's playgroup today.  Both Mel and Lizzy, domestice Goddess' extraordinare, went to so much trouble to make it a fun Easter event for the kids. Thanks me it was the best one yet. The Beach House Brat had a ball. Getting her to share it with her brother after school was an interesting development.  Ever tried cutting a bunny face in half so each one is absolutely equal..... my advice, don't......make more than one!!!!

And this is what we'll be putting out this Easter, so the Bunny can leave the odd treat or two. He is sure to love this one, when he drops by the Beach House this Easter.
With a little bit of help from mummy, this was good kiddo craft.  By that, I mean they can do most of themselves.... 

 Here's the template, if any of you mums want to have a go at this. Just click on the template to enlarge and print it off . Cut along the dashed lines of the small four squares and fold all the remaining dashed lines. The big square in the middle is the base and the little squares can be glued in place to form the basket.

Get the kiddos to colour in the bunny before you form the basket. Stick on some whiskers with tape and glue on the eyes and pom pom tail.

You can see that this naughty mummy forgot to help with the pom pom tail.

Mel made these great birds nest treats to add to the basket. I snuck a little bite of these and they were yummy. It was a chocolate crackle, depressed in the centre to form the nest and filled with some jelly beans for the eggs.

I've added a link at the top of my side bar to some Easy Baking and Other Ideas For Easter if you need some inspiration.


Today I am contributing to a  great website called Everyday Mom Cakes Pop on over for some fabulous inspiration, on how to decorate cakes and sweet treats for all seasons.

I'm posting this a day early, as I am out of here and off to a Blogging conference interstate in Melbourne today.  Not sure how connected I'll be...... I finally joined the Apple party,(better late than never) and bought an ipad last weekend.  Don't really know how to use it, but being surrounded by bloggers, I guess I'll have help at hand..  I'm still packing and it's late at night here.  I laid out the clothes I am taking....mostly black and neutrals with some pops of colour.  I haven't been away from my family for this long for 10 years and it feels weird.  I am remembering the days, long ago, when all I left the house with, was a hand bag and a bottle of champagne.  With motherhood, that morphed into everything but the kitchen sink and it feels weird to be going back to clutch and bubbles mode.  Actually it feels good....darn good!!!!

I'm a little scared, I'll like it way too much!!!!

I'm staying with two different girlfriends in Melbourne and I can't wait to catch up with them.  Right now, I am wondering what I will discover on this journey.  I used to be great at working a room, but that was so long ago.   So Beach lovers .......Full report Monday

Today I am partying here


  1. Have fun in Melbourne, Carolyn! It's been almost 20 years since I lived there, and 8 years since I visited, so I imagine it's changed quite a bit in the intervening years. I hope you are able to take some pictures, and post them on your blog just for me :)

    I've been fortunate that even though I've been married a long time (over 23 years), and have had children, I've always been able to get away by myself should I have the urge to get away from the family, so I consider myself lucky in that regard. Enjoy your free time!!

  2. looks like you house a fun place to be at Easter!!

  3. those cookies looks like a celebration to me now!!!
    thank you for your thoughts today. I am grateful for your blogging friendship...and i appreciate you!!
    happy weekend!

  4. This is great Carolyn, thanks so much, tomorrow my plate will be Easter egg Arrowroot biscuit that the kids would DEVOUR. Have a great day. Emily :)

    1. I hope you post some photos. I should do this with my kids too this year, as they loved it last time. Happy Easter.


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